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Moving the character forward. Writing by the seat of my pants …#hetouchedme #amwriting #mondayblogs #writerslife #mwn

Zuri is stuck in a place internally and I’m trying to get her out. I’m still here trying to figure her out because I took the story in another direction (away from my original choppy outline and I’m letting the characters tell me what to write.)

Sounds creepy but it’s actually what I’m doing


In my current WIP (work in progress), He Touched Me, I’m trying to move the character forward. I might need to go back and add a little bit more motivation or urgency, but she’s not as energetic to move forward as I would hope her to be.

The book is called He Touched Me and the female protagonist is thirty years old and dependent upon her mother all the time. She’s basically allowed her mother to adult for her, while she just stressed over a cheating man in her life since her father died over ten years ago.
Furthermore, as Zuri finds out her mother’s been using her and sleeping with her man behind her back, she’s still has no powerful incentives to get up off her keister and really do things for herself

I’ve added her father’s journals to answer a a lot of her questions, (in the last chapter) and we’re going to see if that stirs her soul to move forward with her life, learn how to adult and get to building her own legacy instead of just sitting around feeling miserable for herself.

I’ll let you know, or you can read with me as I write. This is what I call a live book and I’ve been pushing through this one chapter at a time with my readers on my site. Catch up with us and read Zuri’s journey and let me know what you think

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