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#HeTouchedMe – Chapter Sixteen #amwriting #amreading #sylLit Getting a lot of things out the way to get over this hump.

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Author’s Notes…

And who’s posting almost within a week of the prior chapter. Me, that’s who. I’m shocked no one figured out who was the dark woman in the picture, but that’s okay. Hate me later.And yes, I’m going to hurt Zuri eventually. She ain’t out of the woods yet.

Zuri and Magnum kept bothering me and other than gardening this week. The hubby is busy on projects and so forth and I’m getting settled for the changeover schedule at work. I had some time to get things done.

BTW, me and the hubby finally did a date night (a sort of weekender) and I was so stoked about that. We’d been in the house for three months, no doing anything together and not going anywhere. So this was big time.

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This is also a pretty long chapter (over 3k word) and so get ready to sit back and enjoy the ride.  If you finish this too fast, you can always check out companion books.

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Here’s my Grammarly Report for this chapter. Yes, there’s some passive statements and possibly long wordy sentences I choose to ignore instead of correcting. I’ll leave that up to the editor.

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He Touched Me – Chapter Sixteen

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