#HeTouchedMe – Chapter Fifteen #amwriting #amreading #sylLit with Author’s Notes on updates.

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 Author’s Notes…

What can I say? When you add a plot and start to take beta readers suggestions into regard, you come out on top, but it does take a little bit longer. I’m catching up. I swear. I’m actually doing pretty good and with my husband taking me out of twin this weekend to a private room in Midland, Michigan, I can say, I’m going to get a lot of work done on this book, all the while working on another one.

Yes, you heard it right. I’m working on a new story, possibly a new Kindle Select. I figure it’d be a good way to pay the editor since I’m not get very many people are buying me coffee for all my hard work. (click here to buy me a cup of coffee).

This is also a pretty long chapter and so get ready to sit back and enjoy the ride.  If you finish this too fast, you can always check out companion books.

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We also had an interesting discussion in the Sylvia Hubbard’s Literary World:

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He Touched Me – Chapter Fifteen

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6 thoughts on “#HeTouchedMe – Chapter Fifteen #amwriting #amreading #sylLit with Author’s Notes on updates.

  1. Omg was that Magnum on the line? Was it Magnum voice she remember from so long ago? Who is this mystery woman that keeps popping up? Is she Magnum old girlfriend or someone that wants to find Zuri? What ever happened to the baby I really don’t believe the baby is dead. Since her mother scheme so much. So many questions. Will Magnum fall for Zuri? What made Magnum and his brother really separate. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  2. lots of questions. i guess that’s good. haven’t forgotten the baby dilemma an old readers who know my work should already know who that woman is

  3. So many questions…I know they will eventually get answered so I will have to wait.

    I do not spend too much on one book, I’m cheap. If a book costs more then $5, I have to think long and hard on deciding whether to buy it. I mostly read e-books (Kindle, Nook) and other formats as well.

    1. thanks teresa. that helps me and motivates me to keep my books in a price range you can enjoy but also know that i’ll make just a little money from it to survive.

  4. Good chapter, better flow and you tied up some of the questions from the previous chapter. I don’t know who the chick is since I have only read one other book by you.

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