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#HeTouchedMe – Chapter Fourteen #amwriting #amreading #sylLit with Author’s Notes…. Rough June… added subplot

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I know I’m waaaay late on this, but this is what had happened…

Right after I posted chapter 13, I get to writing. Then my little sister comes over and I’m explaining the story to her. She’s like, omg, this should be a movie.

I get out my book chart and start going through all my stories with her.

Yeah, we had a lot of time to talk and she was so enthused about everything, I literally started from the first story.

Dreams of Reality.

Now I say all this, because as I’m telling her this, in the back of my mind, it’s putting some dots together… A lot of dots together.

Dots that have to do with Dreams of Reality, Emperor’s Addiction/Heart and this story He Touched Me. Things I can start putting up now and then getting you later.

Yes, I’m talking about the twist to this story… or at least one of the twists.

Yeah, it’s going to go down.. (this is me working)

Yet, in order to facilitate this whole conundrum, I needed to put some characters in place. No, Taylor Bellini, who you’re about to meet isn’t one the characters. My

I’m re-evaluating my story and then decided, hey, why not do this… well, hubby #mademynight go into the fray and decided to take it up a notch. The plot immediately thickened and I just knew instead of coming up with a whole new book, I could just incorporate a lot of things I’ve already been wanting to put out in the universe.

I’m getting excited.

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He Touched Me – Chapter Fourteen

“Daaamnnnn Princess!” a deep timbre growled in lust.

Closing her eyes tighter, Zuri wasn’t sure the voice she heard had come from her dreams… or a memory. Her brain was partially awake and more asleep.

That voice!

Yes, she remembered what that voice had done to her senses so long ago, and the memories instantly made her tingle.

A bar, she snuck in with her fake ID. Was he the bouncer? No, he ran the place and just happened to be coming in at the same time as her. 

“I know you aren’t twenty-one,” he said.

And there was something about his face… no his eyes.

The memory started to fog. Zuri’s drug-induced brain wouldn’t let her remember. Her mother’s voice could be heard far away, “Let the past stay in the past,  Zuri. You don’t want to go back there.”

True, the past was scary. Throwing herself in drugs so early in life and then her promiscuous behavior to fight the drug addiction had been no better. Growing up, accepting adulthood, and becoming a woman had always terrified her.

She was back in bed, and she looked to the side of the bed, where she saw a broad form. Was Magnum still in the room? Had he been watching her sleep? 

“You want this?” he asked in a whisper again.

But his voice didn’t sound the same. The tone was more assured. Before Zuri could answer again, he leaned closer, and light somehow came to his face… his eyes were lavender?!

“Come home with me,” he begged.

Shooting up in bed in the darkened room, Zuri looked around frantically for someone or something to be changed. Magnum wasn’t around. She was all alone. 

She had dreamed some of the past mixed with the current. There was a memory she hadn’t had in a very long time… Not since before Rodney.

A lot of the past was forgotten on purpose because most of her reality back then was drug use or sex with men she didn’t know or care to know, but every blue moon the lingering of that voice. A stranger she had met in her drug recovery shameful promiscuous days she tried very hard to forget, but for some reason, her brain didn’t want to let it go. 

A stranger she could barely remember had changed her in one night. His voice was all she could concretely remember. The rest of him… her brain struggled to try.

Just like the past, her brain fogged up, and when she tried to hold onto the memory of the stranger, she was filled with frustration. It was the reason to obtain the laptop, her diary, and all the pictures from her life. She had been meaning to save everything to the cloud but had never gotten around to doing this task.

Zuri’s head started to hurt, and she concentrated on the present shaking off the odd dream, the memories, and the frustration of not having her laptop.

To force herself to feel better, she thought about last night only, with Magnum. Looking down on the side of the bed, she saw her underwear had been taken off. 

She didn’t remember Magnum doing so while she was awake. Perhaps he had come back? Had he done something else to her while she slept?

Damn, was he that skilled?

Slowly getting out of bed, Zuri walked into the front room to see all the lights had been turned off, and no one was there.

It was six in the morning.

She was all alone in the hotel room.

Going back to the bedroom, she noticed the drink she had prepared for him was empty. She didn’t remember him drinking anything.

She didn’t remember a lot of the details except when he touched her body.

Zuri remembered his touch.

Knowing Tyler wouldn’t be late, she decided to get ready to see him. Just as she finished in the shower, a breakfast tray came along with a bouquet of yellow roses with baby breathes and a business suit in her size with shoes.

Tyler must not have trusted her to have picked out an outfit.

She found a card in the flowers.

“Thank you for last night. M.”

Smiling, she put the card in her purse and then ate breakfast.

Lucas knocked at her door about fifteen minutes to nine. Today, the bodyguard was dressed in nice dress pants, a dress shirt, and a vest. She realized the garment was most likely to hide the large gun on the side of his body, and he had one in his ankle as well.

“Are you ready?” he questioned.

“You’re coming with us?”

“I’m your driver and your protection, Ms. Carter,” he said. “Especially when you’re leaving the hotel.”

Annoyed, she asked, “I’m not royalty or some celebrity.”

“True, but a threat to your life is a threat to my job.” He looked dead serious, leaning against the doorway of her hotel room. “And I’ve been paid to make sure you at least live until they can catch whoever was trying to bring you harm.”

Nonchalantly, Zuri said, as she gathered her purse and jacket to leave, “Since I’ve been here, I haven’t been in any danger.”

“That you know of,” he said. “Since you’ve been in this hotel, twice two strange people have tried to get into the employee closet where they keep the uniforms locked up. One employee was assaulted and stripped down, and spotted a stranger on this floor just last night. And I’ve been noticing a strange woman darkly dressed in the lobby, on your floor randomly since you’ve been in the hotel.”

Frowning, Zuri wondered, was Rodney desperately trying to get to her?

It was hard to believe her mother was trying to kill her; Or even hurt her.

How could the woman her father describe in the letter be the woman she knew as a mother?

Following Lucas down to the lobby, Tyler was standing, freshly groomed, and getting off the phone as she approached. For a white man, he was very meticulous about his dress and was always impressive looking. If the lawyer weren’t so annoying, she would find him extremely handsome. 

Tyler looked at her, approvingly from head to foot. “I see you can walk straight,” he noted.

Zuri blushed profusely as Lucas left them to retrieve the car.

“Since I haven’t heard from him either, I’m assuming the two of you both enjoyed your night,” Tyler determined.

“I don’t kiss and tell, so if you’re trying to get details, you won’t get them from me,” she said. 

They walked to the waiting car, where they sat in the back, and Lucas proceeded to drive to the address given by Tyler.

Tyler handed her a well worn, very thick brown envelope. “According to notes from Armando, this was retrieved from a bank box your father’s name was on. He had opened up without anyone’s knowledge, with specific instructions only to be revealed after his death.”

Zuri opened the envelope where there was a thick journal inside. She ran her hands over the front leather cover with her engraved father’s name. 

Fondly., she pressed the book up to her nose and could almost smell her father—his warm hugs and the kisses right below her ear.

“I love you, Zuri. I love you so much,” Benjamin used to say every time he hugged her.

At that moment, she missed her father.

“Are you going to read through it?” Tyler asked.

“Did you?” she questioned the lawyer warily.

“Actually, no. It was for your initial perusal. Those were strict instructions, but I can’t help to admit I’m inquisitive.”

Zuri used the rest of the trip to look through the notes her father had written. The majority of the book was instructions on forensic procedures and records on various lectures he’d attended. Throughout the journal in the gutter, there were handwritten formulas. Near the middle, a large section had been partitioned to gather the algorithms, and notes to a new method she was positively unique. This formula was written in pencil and still very discernable despite the age of the paper. Towards the end of the journal, the entries became personal as he documented his sickness and his feelings about her. 

Zuri noted her name was mentioned a lot more in the end entries, but she didn’t want to get into her father’s last days in front of the prying lawyer. 

Although the very last entry, her father wrote the number forty-four repeatedly, almost angrily. 

“You’re frowning a lot,” Tyler noted. “Should I be worried?”

“Not at all. From what I determine, my father was coming up with a formula to remove various crime stains from surfaces, like a special cleaning solution that would remove any bodily fluid without causing harm to whatever surface touched. Most likely, his illness got in the way of him finishing up or even bringing things to fruition.”

“Or he needed to concentrate more on his daughter than his life work?” Tyler guessed.

A twinge of guilt filled her. Her father hadn’t told her how sick he was, so even after recovery from drugs and then falling into promiscuous behavior, Zuri selfishly thought about herself until her father was on his dying bed.

Tyler’s eyes lit up in excitement. “Do you think you could make this?”

“It seems doable, but I would need a lab.”

“I could get you that,” the lawyer said quite quickly. “And if you create it, I’d help you get a patent for the work.”

Narrowing her eyes suspiciously, she asked, “In exchange for what?”

He smiled devilishly, “I see you’re learning nothing is for free, Ms. Carter.”

“You’re an outstanding teacher,” she replied.

“Twenty-five percent of any profit.”

“Five,” she countered.

He shifted uncomfortably. “Twenty.”

Shaking her head determinedly, she said, “Twelve, but only if you invest in the lab time from your pocket.”

“Deal.” He extended his hand, and she shook in agreement looking back down at her father’s writing. She was very assured she could carry on his work given a chance. When she was in school, lab work would give her a rush, and she loved the discovery of evidence under the microscope. Science and math were her forte, although her mother preferred being out in the field more. 

Knowing she could accomplish something without consulting, her mother felt so gratifying, and she confidently held the book against her chest. Finishing her father’s work would be vital. To help him carry on his legacy, Zuri felt she could handle this adulting thing by herself.

The car stopped in front of a newly built office building.

She was reasonably sure this was The Bellini Enterprise, and she couldn’t believe they were stopping in front of the valet door. 

She looked at Tyler. 

“We’re going to see a Bellini?” she questioned.

“You could say that,” he said with dread. 

“You don’t sound happy about it,” she noted.

“You sound excited. So I take it you are familiar with the family?”

“Who wouldn’t?!” she said. “You don’t have to go far to hear that they moved to Detroit, rebuilt a beautiful downtown structure to rival one of the biggest buildings in Detroit and was buying up property like it’s going out of style all over Michigan and the world.”

“Good, then I don’t have to convince you to grow the fuck up and be confident,” Tyler said as they got out the car. Lucas stayed behind her a few feet back, and if she didn’t try to pay attention to him, she wouldn’t notice he was around. The young man took his job very seriously, but she still didn’t understand having a personal bodyguard.

Maybe she had just panicked and thrown everything out of proportion. This situation was only Rodney and her mother. People she had known what seemed forever.  Rodney said he loved her. Her mother had given birth to her! Why would they want to harm her? Or possibly kill her? 

For money? All this for money?

In her heart of hearts, Zuri couldn’t believe these two people were out to hurt her. They cared about her, right?

Well, if that were true, they wouldn’t have slept together.

She took a deep breath, but she felt Tyler thought she was nervous.

“Taylor Bellini’s bark is worse than her bite,” he assured Zuri as they went up the elevator.

“We’re going to see Taylor?” Zuri asked, fascinated.

“Could you stop the wonderment tone?!” Tyler snipped as they stepped off the elevator and headed to a receptionist who looked exhausted already. 

“Mr. Black?” the woman questioned warily.

“Yes,” Tyler confirmed.

“Ms. Bellini will see you immediately,” the woman said and escorted them through the double doors into a dark oak office.

Oddly, Zuri didn’t think Taylor Bellini, an Italian-Spanish heiress and in charge of all estate sales in the Bellini Enterprise, would have such a dreary place to work. It was as if a man had built this office, and the woman had moved in. Around the walls were stacks of painting, statues, and old books. Towards the middle of the office was an out of new aged steel desk with a woman taking off her glasses and standing up to greet them. 

“When my brother arrives, please have him wait out there,” Taylor Bellini ordered the assistant.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Tyler, do you or the girl require drinks?” Taylor asked.

Zuri flinched at being called ‘the girl.’ “No, this girl doesn’t,” she said, speaking up for herself.

Taylor looked shocked Zuri could talk. 

“Zuri,” Tyler said. “I’d like you to meet Taylor Bellini.” 

The woman was exotically beautiful with luscious natural tan skin, dark mahogany thick hair to her waist, and startling olive-green eyes. She stood about five-eight, but with the four-inch heels, she could almost look Tyler in the eye with her extended height.

The businesswoman seemed to be taking a visual assessment of Zuri as well.

Her olive eyes were direct and critical, but that was usual for a Bellini, and Zuri was going to find out Taylor Bellini was one of the second most powerful women in the Bellini Enterprise family.

And for Zuri doing business with her would mean a change in her life.

Something Zuri would have never dreamed could happen to her.



He Touched Me Chapter Fourteen (c) 2020 Sylvia Hubbard @ The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

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