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How this all started 

Back in 2006, Sylvia was prompted to write her first erotic novel, Mistaken Identity as a writer’s prompt in a yahoo group.

The short story soon turned into a wonderful sensual novelette that readers couldn’t get enough of.

She had to move it to the blog, because the owner of the group said there was too many posts on one subject. That’s when she opened this blog to gather the readers who openly commented as the story progressed.

When the story was through, the readers demanded more and more!

Live Stories posted to the blog were: Mistaken Identity, Baby Doll, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!, Red Heart, Dark Facade, Deceptive Nights, Teach Me To Love, Tanner’s Devil, Secrets, Lies & Family Ties Sin’s Iniquity, Sex Weed, His Substitute Wife…My Sister, Sexstasy.

(all of these can now be found either in paperback or eBook at the author’s website).

In 2015, Sneakreaders were born. Sylvia went private and decided $15 dollars for 4 stories a year wasn’t bad.

It wasn’t. The Sneakreader membership topped over 2000 readers by the end of the year.

Now we’re changing again.

needing an easier option to grant readers access to books, Sylvia Hubbard has started using her

This will allow an automatic process of membership while making sure annually Sylvia gets paid annually.

Now, what’s this SneakReader All about? 

(you can read this here or just jump over to the site and pay for your subscription) 

You want to become a Sneakreader! That’s why you clicked on this link, right?

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Why are you called a SneakReader? Because most times Sylvia’s readers are at work trying to stay up on the latest live story, which has now gone private.

Imagine a never before seen story by Cliffhanger Queen Award-Winning Bestselling Author, Sylvia Hubbard that you would have paid at least ten dollars in paperback or three dollars in eBook, right?

(You’re enticed… or now you click away.)

So what exactly do you get with almost fifteen bucks (one cent cheaper than last year)

1. Exclusive access to an upcoming book (live story). At least two online stories of about 45,000 to 100,000 words per year. I can’t guarantee the word count, but you’ll get that much. The whole story with access to the entire story once it’s done through this app that you’ll have access to always. During these live hosted at SylviaHubbard’s website, you’ll be able to submit comments, interact with other members, go online and make fun of other people who can’t be in a SneakReader.

2. End of the year reader pack with a bunch of goodies readers love, which is why I need your address, please

3. Video Chats with the author in her reader’s group and eligible every time during a chat to win a $5 gift card when you attend.

4. A sneak reader membership card, which gives you an official membership number and other sneak reader paraphernalia will be coming as well. (Buttons, cups & other things. Stay tuned)

5. More but I can’t think of anything right now. (If you do, then text me)

(still reading… oh good)

Why should you be a Sneakreader?

1. Because you love to support Sylvia and would love to be her exclusive reader, street team member and see her succeed so you can be personally invited to win a ticket to her NY Times Bestsellers Party in Detroit.

2… Re-Read number one … I got nothing else to say.

So without further ado, please that link and let’s let this party started.


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