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Who is Dr. Chance Jefferson and why haven’t I written a book about him?

Someone asked me this a couple of books about.

It’s coming but who can possibly handle Chance.

Sometimes bigger is not always better, but in his case… LOL

If you’re a new reader, you’re about to meet my famous doctor. A very charming young man I’m loving on for a second. I have weaved him into several story lines but the first book you will find him in is Sin’s Iniquity.



He Touched Me – Chapter Eleven


A tall, sturdy, handsome young man stood behind Luke at nine the next morning. Breakfast had come an hour ago and with it a letter or more like instructions.


Your appointment with the doctor will be after your breakfast. Please be clean and prepared for a thorough examination. The doctor is aware of the arrangements, so answer all his questions truthfully and express any concerns.

By nine pm tonight, you will take a long hot bath and dress in the appropriate clothing. 

Place the drink on the nightstand. Please close all curtains and turn the lights out in the bedroom. Tonight you will lay on your stomach. You will be allowed to cover yourself with one sheet, but at all times, please keep your hands on your side. You will not be allowed to touch in any way, physically.


The note was slightly confusing, but not enough for her to warrant a call to Tyler. More or less, she’d just end up frustrated and wondering what the hell had she gotten herself in.

There was also the matter of sneaking the drug into his drink. Zuri’s mind swirl at the deceit, wondering how long she would have to do that to him. 

As both men entered, she noted Luke was big, but this guy was two inches over Luke and built like a linebacker, but he carried a large leather bag, like a doctor.

“Ms. Zuri Princess Carter?” he asked, looking down at a file.

“Yes,” she said warily, sneaking a look at Luke for help. He only nodded at her as if to assure her everything was fine before disappearing in her bedroom, carrying a large rectangular case that looked extremely heavy.

This man was not Magnum. She knew her mystery man to be lean, not thickly built like this man and older. And Magnum always wore a bowtie. This guy barely had his tie all the way tight.

The larger African American man introduced himself. “I’m Dr.Chance Jefferson.”

She looked at him from feet to head again, frowning. “You’re pretty young to be a doctor. 

“At least you didn’t say big. That’s what I usually get.” He smirked and looked down at the paperwork in his hand. “You’re a year older than me.”

“Yeah, but usually any doctor I’ve had has been an old man.”

“Then this is your lucky day.” He pulled out a clipboard. “Can you fill out this form quickly for me, while I finish setting up. It’s a short history and permits me to pull your other records if you don’t mind.”

Zuri quickly scribbled out addresses and names to her doctor and then answered some very personal health questions.

When he received the clipboard back, Chance asked, “Do you mind if we adjourn to your bedroom so we can do an examination?”

Luke had just walked out of the bedroom with a nod to the doctor. 

She followed Chance into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

A portable doctor’s table had been set up on the other side of the bed, and Luke had drawn the curtains to give them some privacy.

Chance removed a medical gown from his bag. “Please change into this and then lie on the table, please,” he ordered.

Liking his professionalism, Zuri took the offered gown and went into the bathroom to change. She kept the door slightly ajar so he could hear her.

“Do you know anything about Magnum Knight?” she questioned.

He snorted. “Very little. He’s not a very talkative man.”

Disappointed, the doctor couldn’t give her anything else on this mysterious man she had contracted with, she didn’t press the issue. 

When she exited from the bathroom, she was glad to see he’d set up the bedside table as his utensils with a disposable towel over the surface. The doctor had also laid out a disposable towel over the temporary medical bed and had even hospital footies over the stirrups. 

She heard a door open on the other side of the bedroom door and determined most likely; Luke had left the hotel room entirely. 

“Do you often do private visits for Mr. Knight?” she pressed as a last-minute question.

The handsome, swarthy doctor pressed his lips together in amusement as if keeping a secret. 

“He does?” she determined when the doctor didn’t answer right away, sitting on the temporary bed. “He does this a lot?”

“No. Magnum Knight isn’t the type. Most likely, Tyler insisted on my services since he’s known to contact me for his other male friends.”

“Is Tyler some type of pimp?”

“No, he’s a lawyer that makes lots of deals.” The doctor came to the side of the side and instructed her to take several deep breaths while he put his stethoscope on her chest and back. 

“You must be a real doctor,” she determined when he was done listening, while he wrote notes.

“Why is that?” he questioned.

“Your stethoscope is freezing.”

Chance threw his head back and laughed. “When was your last examination, Ms. Carter, by any doctor?”

“A year ago. My mother’s been very diligent about that since I was little. I made sure I kept up with my annual appointments in my adult years.”

“And according to what you filled out, you’re allergic to Sulfur only? “Nothing else?” he questioned suspiciously.

“Not that I know of?”

“Last period?”

“Three weeks ago, three days usually,” she answered.

“And no pregnancies?”

She shook her head with a small prayer to herself.

“Birth control?” the doctor asked.

“Yes. I get the shot every three months, but my boyfriend wanted me to switch to pills. The pills made me sick, so I switched back to the shot. I put glucosamine pills in my birth control case because he was always making sure I took them every morning at the same time.” She rolled her eyes. “I guess that’s the one thing I can respect about Rodney.”

“Rodney? Boyfriend? Ex-husband?”

“A guy I don’t have to deal with anymore,” she said with finality.

He asked, “You mind if I check that pill case out.”

“Sure,” she said. “I’ll give them to you before you leave.”

He moved down her body and checked her knees and even her feet. When he stood back up to her, he asked her to lay down with her arms over her head. 

“Those old bruises between your toes,” he noted.

Embarrassed, she said, “I used to be addicted to heroin, but I got rid of the habit a long time ago. My dad made me go to treatment. I haven’t done it since I was a teen.”

He nodded, not passing any judgment continuing his examination.

“How long you been a doctor?” she questioned.

“A long while. A close family friend ran a practice when I was young, and my dad would make me help over there because we lived across the street from the small practice. I started learning a lot of things and then went to school. Mostly a full ride, but I did a double Ph. D. at the same time. Emergency medicine and OB-GYN,” he casually said as he checked her over.

Zuri liked that he kept a professional demeanor, and she was comfortable in front of him. Looking over at his table layout, she noted again. “You’re very young to be a doctor with a private service.”

“I happen to know a lot of wealthy men who need my service, such as this.” He shrugged. “In exchange, I’ve bartered student loan payoffs and my medical practice.”

“Impressive.” She looked at his left hand as he examined both her breasts for lumps. “You’re not married.”

He seemed to become uncomfortable and hurry down her body.

She jerked a little when he pressed on her stomach. “That tickles.”

Satisfied with his physical examination, he pulled a chair over to the bed, which lined him perfectly with her body. Gently he put her feet in the stirrups.

“Last sexual encounter?” he asked, not responding to her statement.

“Penetration?” she questioned. “Several months ago, but after … well, after my ex slept with my mother, this is kind of up for you to come. I didn’t feel comfortable going to my doctor. I’m trying not to let anyone know my whereabouts, and I know my family doctor would have contacted my mother.”

“Take a deep breath,” he ordered as he inserted the speculum. At first, he frowned hard as if he couldn’t find what he was looking for and then tilted his head curiously. “Do you know your cervix veers to the left?” he noted, fascinated.

“Is that why it always hurts when they examine me?” she questioned.

“Most likely.” He was quick and gentle with impressive professionalism. 

She took deep breaths as he took specimens and then removed the speculum. 

“No inflammation,” he noted as he put away the specimens he’d taken in an individual case before putting them in the bag he’d carried in. “On a personal note, why do you want to do this? Monetary?”

 “Do I have to answer if it’s a personal question?” she asked.

“You don’t have to answer.” He put on a new glove and then pressed his middle finger deep into her while his other hand rested on her stomach. He frowned and said, “Your vagina curves like a hook?”

“What does that mean? Is something wrong with it?”

He removed his hand and then removed his gloves. “I’ve seen it in only one other woman. I take it you have a hard time with arousal?”

She gasped as if that had been the biggest secret in the world. “A little.”

“But masturbation tends to make you more excited?” he guessed, removing her feet from the stirrups.

“Who are you?”

Chance went to the bathroom and washed his hands. When he came out, he helped her down from the table. “I just know a woman’s body, Ms. Carter.”

“And you aren’t married? What are you? Celibate?”

“A doctor,” he said evasively with pride.

“Have you examined Mr. Knight yet?”

Chance frowned with disapproval. “I don’t think you should be referring to the man you’re about to have sexual relations with so formally.”

“I don’t know anything about him,” she confessed. “I thought I could get some information about him from you, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

“I did examine him,” Chance admitted. “And he’s healthy as a horse, physically. He’s not a talkative man, which is why I ask you again, why are you putting yourself in this position with him?” He helped her sit up and sat in the chair in front of her after passing her a sheet so she could feel comfortable being partially naked in front of him.

“It’s not monetary,” she admitted.  

An honest look of confusion filled his handsome features. “You’re not desperate for money?”

Proudly, she said, “Not in the least. I just need to get away.”

“Magnum Knight is not a vacation, trust me,” he growled. 

“Ah-ha, you do know something about him!” she concluded like she was Sherlock Holmes figuring out a tough case.

Chance chuckled. “I know that man doesn’t like to talk, and if he does, he’s ornery as hell as if you’re wasting his time. When Tyler asked me to do this, I felt bad for you because I thought you needed a lot of money.”

She leaned against the table, chewing mentally on his words. “Is it because of the alcoholism?”

“I think the drinking covers up who he is, in my professional opinion, but if you have any other concerns about him, please call me.” He handed her his card. “I’ll be in the front room while you get dressed,” he said, gathering up his items. ‘Bring me that information requested and the drug center that treated you, please.”

Going into the bathroom, she cleaned herself up deep in thought about his words about Magnum Knight. Of course, she wasn’t expecting this debonair angel to come to make love to her. 

There were going to be some things that needed to be worked out, but no one seemed to like Magnum Knight personally.

The note she had received that morning at breakfast was on the side of the sink, and she reread it.

Oh, she had concerns now—lots of worries.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Zuri noted her full figure, her slight overbite from sucking her thumb as a child, and the sharp way her doe eyes seem to come up naturally under thick natural brows she’d never trimmed. 

She thought she heard voices in the front room and assumed Luke had come back to escort the doctor down. Hurriedly, she put on another light maxi dress but found the doctor alone in the front room briskly writing up some notes on a digital tablet. 

She gave him the information he requested, also noting he didn’t have his phone in his hand, so who had he been talking to?

“I’ll get your results in a couple of hours and send them simultaneously to you and him. Afterward, you’ll be contacted for further instructions if there is any,” Chance said in a very stern voice after he had her sign some medical documents to give him access to her patient information.

“Should I be worried?” she questioned with concern.

Chance opened the door to the hotel room and looked back at her. “If you want to know my very professional opinion for your concerns, Mr. Knight is a healthy male with some vices but seemingly fine.”

“And your personal opinion,” she implored.

“He’s looking for peace,” the young doctor answered and then left. 

Zuri sat on the couch to ponder once again what she had gotten herself into.



He Touched Me Chapter Eleven (c) Sylvia Hubbard @ The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

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