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Writing through grief is hard

It helps though.

Listening to my characters in my head keeps me from thinking of being sad.

But sometimes I can’t hear them because I’m stuck… from a memory of good times and laughter.


Monday, I bury my bff.

I say goodbye.

No giggling, no reality checks and no one to call me Sylvie.

I don’t like nicknames but I didn’t mind her calling that name.

Double Sigh…

Thanks guys for your patience.

Honestly, I had this chapter ready Monday, but it was difficult to pick up my laptop because it’ll go on Facebook and a lot of people were still saying goodbye to her. I couldn’t read the messages.

I didn’t want to.

But sometimes they’d show photos of me and her at events we’d go together to. I’d be tagged. Or they’d fondly remember a memory and tag me in that memory of her.

I don’t want to be tagged.

I just want to close my eyes and pretend I’m floating on a cloud and she’s there floating next to me. We’re not saying anything but we’re both wishing good fortunes for us.

We were going to go on long road trips together. Do a lot of driving when we retired.

We can’t do that now.

She can’t do that now.


I’m thinking of doing a live in my Facebook group. Join if you guys wanna talk to me. I’m thinking like next Sunday. About noon EST.

Get your questions together.

We’ll be at a good part by then.

I know that because i’m in twelve offline and it’s getting sticky.

Guess who just figured out a mystery in the Heart family. I did. Matter of fact, it wandered in and sat on my couch.

in my head.

y’all gonna flip.

don’t hurt me.


He Touched Me – Chapter Ten


The Bus…
The Elevator…
Zuri wanted to die of shame.
Double die? Was that possible?
She’d be the first.
Tyler was standing over her because she had slid to the floor and was lying between the table and the couch with her face covered.
“I’d find this hilarious if I actually could laugh,” Tyler said seriously. “Did he hurt you, Ms. Carter?”
She shook her head.
“Are you sure? I don’t mind pressing charges against him. I’d love to, as a matter of fact, especially if he touched you inappropriately in public, against your will.”
Zuri looked up at Tyler between her fingers. “He told you what happened?”
Tyler frowned, upset. “Magnum didn’t tell me a damn thing. He did it to my sister.”
Sitting up slightly. “He does this a lot?”
“He’s not a mentally well man.”
“And you want me to have a contract with him?!” she asked incredulously.
Tyler extended a hand to her and helped her sit back on the couch. When he sat back at the opposite end, he explained, “Magnum is a coding genius. His expertise is Linux Operating Systems and apps. I got a client that needs his expertise, and under any other circumstance, Magnum would tell me to go fuck myself and the client as well, but with you, I’m going to have him where I want.”
“And this has nothing to do with getting revenge for your sister?”
“She’s moved on, trust me, but he embarrassed her, but as her brother, I had to beat the shit out of him, and it happened years ago.”
Zuri was baffled because Tyler wasn’t going into detail. “Why are you so cryptic?”
Bitterly, he admitted, “Because I don’t want my personal feelings to impede upon your decision.”
“Are you giving me advice as my lawyer or as a friend of his?”
Gritting his teeth, he said, “Magnum Knight is no friend of mine, but as your lawyer, I had to let you know the relationship I had with him.”
“But you need me to make this agreement.”
“It would make my job a little easier in another client’s life.”
She looked down at the thick contract and frowned. “When you said he embarrassed your sister, what did he do?”
“At an engagement, he proceeded to arouse her in public without anyone’s knowledge. She said she could have stopped him, but she didn’t, and after he aroused her, she let other’s know loudly of her pleasure and then dragged him away, but he … passed out before finishing what he started. That’s as clean as I can explain it.”
“Passed out?” Zuri questioned.
“He’s a drunk,” Tyler admitted.
“How does this contract help me?”
“Two ways. As I said, you need a place to hide, and Magnum can give you that. And the other way is that I don’t think this guy gots what it takes to do anything other than feel a woman up. I’ve investigated others, and it seems he’s not equipped.”
“He’s tiny?” she guessed.
“No. We have gone to the gym together, and I can say Magnum has the package, he just can’t use it properly. He’s impotent, according to his ex-girlfriend. She said he could barely keep it up.”
“So I hide out with him for a couple of months, let him feel me up a couple of times, and we both get what we want.”
Tyler nodded. “Pretty much, but the contract states four months, and I’m asking you to give him something while you’re with him.” He reached inside his jacket, pulling out a small bottle. “This is a powdered substance, and when you serve him a drink, which you will every night, you’ll put a pinch of this in there.”
“What am I giving him?”
“Naltrexone. It decreases the desire for alcohol. We need Magnum to take it to concentrate on work more. My other client states the sober Magnum is the better.”
“Does Mr. Knight know this?”
“I don’t think he cares to know anything except the bottom of a bottle.”
“How do you know it won’t hurt him?”
“This client tested him before on a smaller scale. It was slipped into his drink at another engagement. He was fine. I was concerned as well, and I saw the results from afar, but I didn’t know my other client was going to use it again on him like this until just this morning. That’s what took me so long to get here. I had to go pick this up from a pharmacist that works for my client.”
She felt uncomfortable. “How do I know if I give him too much?”
“A pinch is all you need,” Tyler promised. “My client states if you help him, he’ll help you with your father’s research.”
“What research?”
“You didn’t read the entire file I gave you?”
“You said read the letter,” Zuri pointed out, getting up and going for her backpack. Getting the file out again, she looked through it to the notes about a journal. “On my birthday, I get his bank box at Independence Bank?”
“Brenda doesn’t know about this,” Tyler warned. “And you’re never to tell her either. That was his wish, as well.”
Coming back over to the couch, Zuri asked again, “What’s in the research?”
“Before your father’s death, he was on the precipice of a chemical that could turn the tide for forensic cleaners. I don’t know all the details, but with your education, you could probably understand it more than I could. I’ll make sure you get those journals the morning of your birthday.”
“Thank you,” she said, gratefully looking forward to being able to see her father’s life work. “Now, the contract.”
“You’re still interested?”
“Yes. I mean, if what you know about this man is all that, then I guess I could take my chances, only if there is an out.”
“Of course, you’re not a prisoner, but there is an NDA.”
“That’s fine.”
“And once you opt out of the agreement, you will never see him again, and he will never attempt to see you again. Neither one of you will talk of the contract to anyone. He will still pay your hotel expense until the end date of the contract, along with Luke’s protection as well. You understand?”
“Of course,” she said, amendable to the terms because she wanted to keep every last dime her father had left her. “No one has to know.”
Tyler looked suspiciously. “Are you sure, Ms. Carter? As your lawyer, I have to make sure you understand you agree to be his mistress.”
Zuri put her hand on her stomach, and all she could think about was the fact Magnum Knight had made her feel so good with just his fingers. Four months of his touch? “What about sexual protection?”
“There’s a stipulation that I look at both doctor’s records. Once you agree, you’ll get a private appointment by morning.”
“And him.”
“The same. And I’ll assure you of Magnum’s results.”
She nodded and said, “I think I can handle myself for a couple of months, Mr. Black.”
“Four months,” he corrected. “Magnum Knight’s sex slave.”
She rolled her eyes. “He’s an attractive man who likes to feel women up. I think he’s going to get tired of me before I get tired of him. I’ll use him as much as I can if it means Rodney can’t find me. This option is much better than sitting unprotected with an option for some other guys to break in and kidnap me like they were going to do before.” She shivered, remembering the chase and the fact she barely got away. Next time, Zuri didn’t think they’ll give her a chance to getaway.
Tyler smiled. “I like that.” He pushed the contract over to her. “Read the verbiage while I eat and handle some business. If you have any questions, I’ll be here to answer them.”
Picking up the thick pile of papers, she slowly sat back down on the couch. “Magnum Knight,” she whispered, running her fingers over his name before beginning to read what was going to be her life for four months.
Most of the contract had to do with what sex acts she would be in agreement with and where she would draw the line. Their first meeting would be twenty-four hours after the contract was notarized at Magnum’s discretion. Instructions for each encounter would be given to her, and she would follow them to the letter. In return for her consent to his terms, she would be given one day each week to do with as she pleased, and he’d honor whatever she wished.
Zuri looked up at Tyler, who seemed to be waiting for her to say something to him. “Whatever I please? Like, do something with him?”
“Or not. Be alone. Take his credit card and go on a shopping spree. Whatever you please, or his exact words, whatever she wants.”
Frowning, Zuri had a feeling Magnum probably didn’t know what he agreed to. What if she was some greedy gold digger? He didn’t know women very well.
Zuri questioned, “Are you sure he was in his right mind when he made this contract with you?”
“Most likely not, but you’re my client, and lust can make a man agree to any damn thing. Good thing you have me as your lawyer.”
“Lust? He lusts me?” she asked, amused.
“I believe he does. You should use it to your advantage.”
Zuri never wanted to use a man like her mother had used her father, but she did want to see this guy… meet him, let him touch her again. If that’s all he could do to her, it seemed like enough… for now.
Getting to the last page, she saw the post-it notes of where she should sign.
Tyler brought over a pen. “Any questions?”
Taking the pen from him, she asked, “How long would it take to get this notarized?”
“Magnum Knight is waiting at my office as we speak along with a notary. He found one about thirty minutes ago after I texted him to let him know you were reading the contract. I would say in twenty-four hours from now; you’ll get to meet Magnum Knight again.”
Her heart raced loudly as she signed and dated the contract. Taking a deep breath, she handed the stack of papers back to Tyler. “Do you think I’m making a good decision?”
“I think you’re making a decision you feel can assist you until you figure out what you want to do with your life, Ms. Carter. I just hope you use these four months to do so.” Tyler had already packed up his other stuff, and he took the contract, sealed it in an envelope. “Please sign the tape over the opening,” he instructed her.
Zuri did and then watched Tyler stuff the envelope in his messenger bag and go to the door of the hotel room. He looked warily over her shoulder.
“I should warn you again; he looks like a man that has some vices, Ms. Carter. I don’t know what they could be, but I have a feeling. I’ve never been wrong.”
Remembering Magnum’s touch from the bus and the elevator, she said, “I have my own.”
Tyler smirked in pleasure. “You will call me if you have any problems with him,” he demanded.
“He’ll probably call you first,” she said confidently.
When the door closed, she realized Tyler hadn’t answered her question, and now she was faced with the fact she had made an adult decision all by herself. She also prayed the confidence she had just faked didn’t come back and bite her in the ass. Zuri had no idea who this Magnum Knight was and his vices? Why did Tyler have to keep warning her? Had she gotten in over her head?
In twenty-four hours, she would meet Magnum Knight and be his mistress for four months.
Zuri held her stomach again, feeling those tingles becoming stronger.


He Touched Me Chapter Ten (c) Sylvia Hubbard @ The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

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