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#HeTouchedMe – Chapter Two

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Yes, I’m stepped  out on the plank and have decided to jump right in. The story story He Touched Me was so well received and read, I decided to explore who the characters were and then see what I can come up with. I’m ready to bring something new and I’m ready or your to join me.

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He Touched Me – Chapter Two 

What the hell was wrong with him?

Magnum Knight cursed himself repeatedly. The point of getting on the bus was to NOT go to places where he could get in trouble.

But the woman… the miserable ass woman had drawn him immediately the moment she had gotten on the bus initially. He was drawn to her internal emotional pain like a vampire.

Since he’d first laid eyes on her, he had found himself irresistibly attracted to her and then she disappeared. He needed her to disappear because he knew his weakness and then he’d be back where he shouldn’t be. After a month of not seeing her, he was almost desperate to lay eyes on her. So he started catching different buses to find her on various days.

And then she jumped on the bus today, tears in her eyes shaking in upset, with a dress so short highlighting the voluptuous backside and small waist, all he could do was follow her where no one from the back of the bus could see them and his body shielded them from the rest of the bus. And then…

He could still smell her on his hands which he jammed in his jacket pocket and walked to the building where he forced himself to go every day like a normal person instead of locking himself inside his apartment, where he wanted to be.

Sweet peppermint mangoes and he bet she tasted just as delicious. Magnum was almost dizzy with excitement remembering how much she’d come and how she’d shuddered against his body.

He had to stop in the lobby and lean over the couch to gather himself mentally.

“Mr. Knight?” the administrative assistant who welcomed everyone at the front desk said unsurely. “Are you okay?”

He only shot her a ‘don’t fucking talk to me look,’ before looking back down at the floor to try to gather his thoughts enough. There were too many laws to make him be his true self and he was really tired of signing new temp slips.

The administrative assistant interrupted his thoughts again hesitantly, “Mr. Knight, your cousin needs you to come into his office as soon as you arrive.” This one could barely make eye contact because she never knew what mood he was in.

He never knew what mood he was going to be in, but at least for the first time in a long time he wasn’t shaking from withdrawals.

Magnum knew he had a distant personality and that most people could immediately feel the coldness about him, but that was just him. Relating to people was not his forte. And then his past, the indiscretions, but mostly the loss…

He should’ve washed his hands, but he didn’t want to remove her smell as of yet.

“You’re late,” Reginald sneered highly disgruntled as soon as Magnum came into the office.

Magnum looked around and saw a man and a woman sitting in the corner looking almost amused, dressed very well and holding hands. The woman looked very much happy with her situation despite the man looking as if there was an annoying chip on his shoulder about everything. Magnum could tell she was in love. He had a knack for knowing how women felt towards men they were with. Probably because he’d never had the love of a woman.

“I didn’t have any meetings on my calendar,” Magnum said, politely as possible since they had guests otherwise he would have said, ‘fuck off, Reggie,’ and then left out the office to lock himself in his own.

Reginald was always irritated about something. “Because I thought you would be here. You never change… unless… You took the bus?”

Sneaking a look at the beautiful couple again, Magnum only nodded to them to show common courtesy. He certainly didn’t want his personal life out in front of anyone.

“I’m fine. I got the bus late,” Magnum explained cryptically, but not wanting to go into any more detail.

“You catch the bus?” the man asked suspiciously.

“Because he gets in too much trouble in a car, Mr. Gates,” Reginald quickly explained, knowing exactly why his cousin caught the bus.

Magnum instantly knew the couple. “Jaelen and Kimberly Gates?” he guessed.

She smiled embarrassed. “Our reputation precedes us, Jaelen.” Humorously, Kimberly looked at her husband. “What have you been doing lately, Jaelen?”

“Me?” her husband asked. “I’ve actually been a good boy lately, if you don’t count the dinner the other night.”

She chuckled and stood up. “Your reputation precedes you, Mr. Knight,” she said, walking to Magnum and extending her hand.

Knowing where his hand had been he only looked at her hand and nodded. “Hopefully, it’s not a bad thing.”

Kimberly withdrew her hand back and frowned. “Oh, it most definitely is and is not. They say you used to stay in the house all the time. Was a hermit?”

His life less than five years ago was different than now; Very different. Who had they spoken too? Very few people knew his past.

“Coming outside gets me in trouble.” he said looking past her to her husband.

Jaelen watched his wife adoringly like a hawk.

Kimberly spoke drawing Magnum’s attention back to her on purpose. “We want to take my husband’s company into the twenty-first century and provide an app for our clients. They said you’re the best in town. Creatively and anally.”

Magnum flinched because she almost charmed him, but her honesty was refreshing.

“I thought I was the most anal in your life, wife,” her husband said sounding clearly jealous, but amused.

“No,” she said in her pleasant voice. “Just a bane in my side, but I love you so much I don’t mind you there, Jaelen Gates.”

“Do you usually strike your husband’s deals?” Magnum asked annoyed at their love banter.

“No, actually, I insisted on coming and meeting you, Magnum, but my husband warned me you aren’t a very warm person,” she said.

He looked at her husband and the man chuckled. “And what else?”

“And your criminal record?” Jaelen said. “Is that what you wanted us to bring up? That you like to feel up little girls-”

“She wasn’t a little girl,” Reginald implored in his cousin’s defense. “She was sixteen and Magnum was just turning eighteen. Her father, who was a judge, was just a little protective of his little girl and her ex-boyfriend was a jealous ass.”

“I can understand both sides,” Jaelen admitted. “I’m a father of several little girls and I could just beat your ass just because.”

During all this time, Kimberly still looked at Magnum as if she could see his soul… she could see his sins. And despite the monster He was perceived to be on paper, she did waver in her kindness towards him.

Magnum kept his hands in his pockets. No one needed to know his true self. He needed to feel ashamed so he wouldn’t want to do it again.

He reluctantly pulled his eyes away from her and sized up the man. Magnum knew he’d actually have a good fight on his hand if Jaelen did decide to get physical. The man stood like he had a black belt in something.

Kimberly’s cool voice spoke calmly, “But I felt everyone deserves a chance, no matter what they have done in the past. Some people are more than what they seem.” She took a pause as if she knew exactly who he was and what he had done.  “Reginald states you’ve been trying to get into more small business proprietary apps that cater to the city? I know that’s not the direction he wants to take the software company, but we want you. My husband and I need you to design the app. We’ll provide all technical support.”

“Yes,” Reginald answered greedily. “We want to expand and with our community foundation apps, I think we can do justice to your business as well, while creating a proprietary app that can be an asset to you.”

Magnum was still seizing up Jaelen; Maybe he could get some good frustration out physically.

Kimberly walked up to Magnum to garner his attention. “My husband needs your creativity, Magnum. I’ve seen your portfolio and you’re the best person for the job. Will you accept?”

Magnum looked over at Reginald who was pleading with his eyes. His cousin looked like he’d eat shit for breakfast if Jaelen ordered him to.

Stepping away from her to give them some distance, Magnum said, “Yeah, just leave the details with my cousin and I’ll see what I can do.”

Before she could say thank you, he started to walk out of the room.

Pausing at the door Magnum asked, “Who do you know that knows so much about me?”

Kimberly blushed and looked back at her husband.

Jaelen answered, “Onyx Heart.”

Magnum clutched the doorway, digging his fingers into the wood almost tearing the door off of the wall. “I’ll do the job,” he mumbled.

“You don’t have to because of her,” Kimberly said irritated. “It’s up to you. You’re not obligated-”

“Yes, he does,” Jaelen said. “Let it be, Kimberly.”

She looked frustrated and then a little angry.

Magnum only nodded and walked to his office. He needed to get alone and… remember what he’d done.

Bad or good, he wanted to do it again… to the mysterious woman.

Would he be able to find her again?

Are you insane? She’s married. She wore the ring like a badge of honor.

Getting to his office, he barely logged into his computer and for the following hour he only stared at the screen. His Hand was right on his chin where the scent of her wafted to his nose.

Damn he needed a drink so bad. Pulling out the bottom drawer on his desk, his long thick arm reached deeper under the desk to yank a small flask duct tape where he knew Reginald would not have realized one was there.

He gripped the flask in one hand and hurled the cap angrily across the room, but just as he was about to drink, he looked at his hand again. Staring hard, he realized two things…

One – he could still smell her essence on his fingertips.

Two – he wasn’t trembling.

What the hell?!

Reginald bursted in the office saying exactly what Magnum was thinking, “What the hell?!”

His cousin stopped short as he realized the flask was in Magnum’s hand. With full worry, he asked, “Have you drunk any?”

Magnum had to look at his other hand to realize he was still holding the flask and in a very quiet voice he said, “No.”

Reginald quickly closed the door. “You know if anyone from HR sees you with that-”

“Get the fuck out, Reggie,” Magnum sneered. “The last thing I need you to remind me is what a fuck up I am.”

“Not until you tell me why you’re coming in the office in the middle of the day and why the fuck did you act like that in front of the Gates and why they hell are you sneaking alcohol at work when you know we have a pending litagation against you and you’re on probabtion.”

“That’s a lot of ands, Reggie. Anymore?”

“And why the fuck are you just sitting there holding it when you could have downed that amount in two fucking seconds?”

Magnum couldn’t explain to Reggie why because then he’d have to explain where the shaking had come from.

When Magnum didn’t answer right away, Reginald threatened, “I’ll tell your brother.”

Putting the flask down, Magnum turned away from the desk to look pensively out of the window. He heard Reginald walk up to the desk and most likely take away the flask.

“Leave,” he ordered his cousin.

“We have to talk about the Gates-”

“Fuck you, Reggie. There isn’t a community app. You lied like usual to do anything to get what you need,” He turned around and glared hard up at his cousin. “Fuck you and fuck this company.”

Reginald took a card out of his pocket. “Here is the Gates contact information.” He placed the card on the desk. “I know you don’t care about shit anymore, but this company meant a lot to our parents. And I want to keep it going, no matter what. That HR chick is looking for any reason to take us down and you need to stick to the rules of the judge’s order or we’ll never recover from the lawsuit that will reign down on us. And then what will happen to your parent’s legacy? Is that what you want?”

Magnum looked down at his hand again. Reginald thought his silence was acquiesce. Who cared what Reginald wanted right now?

All Magnum wanted was to find her again, but this time make sure he could have her.

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