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Organizing your Writing Projects #mondayblogs #sylLit #writerslife

My mind is like a billion computer tabs all open and just rambling about in my head. I’ve had to corral the voices but also make sure I remember what was being said while I’m working on current projects.

Here are quick tips I do in order to keep the writing under control so I can write more.

Capture your ideas

Find a digital board or note you can use to write your ideas down. I’m a fan of google doc and google keep because they can be on any digital device that I use

Take charge of research

I use the kindle a lot when I research. I can tag items I need and even create links or screenshots from that book and add them to my digital notes.

Location is key

Getting an area or space you can write is important. Having a key location is very important to getting organized to your writing because you have a space where you can control and get into that writing mood faster.

Writing Tools

Whether it’s getting a blue tooth keyboard or software to help you, use your tools on a daily basis.

Master your writing projects

Create a master list of all your projects, finished and unfinished. Out of site is out of mind.

Let me know your tips in the comments. I’d love to hear how you organize your writing.

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