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I’d appreciate any reviews you could offer and any questions you’d love to know.

This book also has companion books to go along with it so I hope you take advantage and explore the Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard even more by checking out those books

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About the book: 

Although Grandmother Wei had been cruel, she taught Chon a thing or two to help her make money and that was organization!
Now with one more client to help to get her to the financial goal of owning her own business, Chon was determined to finish the job she started.
Too bad Dorian Zane was going to be the most challenging customer she’d ever had.
Dorian Zane wanted one thing… to be left alone so he could just work himself to death.
Work made him forget the demons that cursed his soul, work made him forget the appetite for what he truly desired, work made him feel normal.
Now she had come into his life and she didn’t even know she was the answer to his soul’s pain. He needed her nectar and he needed her to want to give it to him.

  • Step one: Get her to work for him.
  • Step two: Get her to want him
  • Step three: Get her to give him anything he desired.
  • Step four: Tear her soul apart and sacrifice her to the lust demons that were voracious in appetite.

NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: http://amzn.to/2fprDEj

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