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Writers Weirdest Wednesday … Dreaming while Writing and Editing, plus updates on #BlacksInnocence

I don’t know if this will become a segment on this blog, but I’m really having some vivid dreams that’s better than Hollywood box office. I guess because i’m in them.

Currently, I’m trying to get my editing done for Black’s Innocence and it’s stressing me out. Throughout this whole dream  I’m stressed about other stuff but I’m still feeling the stress as I’m sleeping.

Anyhoo, it starts off like this…

I’m giving advice to this friend, who we’re going to call Anna. (I think the real friend would get weirded out if I was having random dreams about them). Anna’s a real push over and people are constantly taking advantage of her. (In real life and the dream)

In the dream, Anna’s down on her luck and she’s tired of people constantly asking for favors from her without reciprocity of other favors or cash. I advise her to start demanding money, especially when you’re using your car.

Meanwhile I’m supposed to be on my way to do this book talk at my alma mater high school, which i need to hurry up and do to get to another event somewhere else. My other friend Charles (whose name I changed too) is helping me pack and droning on about his book. The hour was getting late and I knew I had to hurry because there was a storm coming too.

I’m walking to my alma mater high school like i used to when I was young Somehow it started to downpour really bad. I get to the high school right as it’s time to start the talk, but I need to leave for the other appointment.

I feel really bad because I really wanted to speak in front of my alma mater, but this other appointment is really important to me.

I call Charles and tell him to come up here to give the talk. He’s comes like instantly, while I’m also then calling Anna to come pick me up  to take me to the next thing.  I promise her some money and tell her to wait outside the school.

I give Charles some pointers about expanding on some encouraging literacy tips and then go out to Anna’s car which is like an old white station wagon. The school bell rung and there’s kids all around. I’m getting anxious because I need to hurry up to the next appointment. I’m desperately searching for Anna’s car and finally find it to see three big guys just siting in the back seat randomly.

I ask Anna does she know them and she shakes her head.

I threaten death to these guys and they scramble out of the car.

It was the weirdest.

I get in the car and Anna takes me to the next appointment.

I wake up still feeling stressed, even more so because of this weird dream.

I know the whole thing sounded crazy but this dream was really vivid and detail. I have no idea why I was dreaming about Anna and Charles, but I woke up and said a little prayer for both just in case they needed it.

Have you ever had a dream so vivid? Like you were watching a movie with you in it?

Okay, on to more writing. Thanks for stopping by.

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