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3rd day of Christmas my favorite author gave to me: Trivia questions from Daddy’s Girl for a chance to receive an Amazon digital $5 Gift card #7DaysOfChristmas

Who wouldn’t want an Amazon gift card?

Five dollars isn’t much but if you’re a reader, then you know that’s a couple of good books to read.

The the 3rd day of Christmas at The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard, you’ll get your chance.

Matter of fact, surprise, three people will get a chance, but you must answer all the questions correctly below pulled from the book Daddy’s Girl.

The winner will be announced January 2nd. Please make sure you’ve left your Amazon email in the form so you can receive your winnings straight to your account.

All answers can be found inside of Daddy’s Girl andare required and even if you don’t know, just guess. You might get lucky. I need three winners so If I only get two perfect answers the rest are going in a bucket and choosing from there.

When you submit that’s it! That’s your entry to win. Thank you in advance for participating.

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