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Next live story will be a continuation of “He Touched Me.” Starting 1st week of March 2020. Are you ready to be touched? Has this ever happened to you?

I’ve gotten a lot of response for this story. I’m shocked what people are doing to find this story and I’m interested in knowing why the fetish in getting felt up.

If you know please leave a comment on why this is becoming a popular fetish and this has happened to you.

I’ll explore it more in this story of a troubled man who meets the one woman who doesn’t mind.

Yeah, I’m a bad girl. (thinking of the song) but only on paper.

Sign up for updates to the blog and we hope to start March 1st. Of course donations will be in order and I hope you guys will understand I’ll be asking at every turn.

Writing a story for free is hard work.

I need every dime possible so I can hurry up and retire so I can sit and write more for you guys. Support, share and then comment most of all.

Let me know what you think and have you read the initial post? click here if you haven’t

I look forward to your comments below

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