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Emperor’s Heart has an Addiction he cannot fight… and she will either be the beginning or the ending

Emperor Heart’s story is Book 6 in the Heart of Detroit Series. If you’re an avid reader of Sylvia Hubbard’s books, then you’re all caught up once you get these, but if you’re just joining us, these books below will only give you an insight into Emperor Heart. If you would like to find out more about the family, please go to The Heart of Detroit Series page. Each book is a standalone, but sometimes (like this one) broken into parts.

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Emperor’s Addiction – Part 1

Promises broken, lines crossed, morals forgotten…

Book One in the life of the notorious Emperor Heart.

Despite his family, Emperor Heart considers himself one of the most normal Hearts, even though he has four problems:

1) He has a sex addiction

2) He’s addiction assuages the constant pain in his back from an old injury

3) After catching his teenage daughter in a hotel with a boy, he promises her to stay celibate as long as she stays celibate.

4) He was doing fine until he meets his daughter’s mysterious friend and his libido runs a muck.

What’s a man to do, when his daughter’s friend shows up at his place alone and all he has is a towel to cover himself?

Yet, just as his lust grows uncontrollable and he tries to look but don’t touch, he can’t help feeling her life is in jeopardy and the more he acts upon his burgeoning desire, the more he may be endangering her life.

Part One of Emperor Addiction’s delves into the lives of a family where their love, could be murder.

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Emperor’s Heart Part II

A man’s powerful addiction could lead to the death of her.

Family or Lust? Living or Dying? Loving or Leaving?.. Book Two explores decisions that must be made in the life of the notorious Emperor Heart.

As much as he’s tried to keep a distance from his family, his addiction he was unable to control leads in deep in the Heart of Chicago to come face to face with one one person he never wanted to lay eyes on again…

King Heart.

On top of that, he’s still battling his powerful attraction to his daughter’s friend, while the danger to the lives of anyone he cares about could be in serious danger.

Emperor has to choose before it’s too late, but the blood of his father runs through his veins and until he faces his bond to the one woman he should never have touched in the first place, peace from the pain in his heart, his loins or his body will never be obtained.

Part II is the end of Emperor’s story, but the war is coming. Will you be #TeamKing or #TeamLethal?

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Companion Books (they have Hearts in them or the women involved with Hearts… eventually)

Yes, I know you’re waiting of Lethal Heart’s story and he’s coming, along with Onyx Heart’s story. Got her man all ready for her.

No, I won’t tell you who, so quit calling my phone and texting me. (You know who you are.)

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