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Emperor’s Addiction Part 1 Excerpt with a tease to prepare for Part 2! Are you ready to become addicted #sylLit #writerslife

The one woman he knew he should never EVER touch is the one that can cure the pain that he’s endured his whole life.

With promises broken, lines crossed, morals forgotten and a woman with a mysterious past, he’s dead set on making her…


In 2008 I ventured on a subject I knew I would get a lot of flack and though it was hard and sometimes stressful, I got Emperor out and I was so proud of myself. 

But the shame….

I kept it in the darkness for so long, I was scared after a while to let the readers even see what had become of the story.

I think it turned out good. My assistant said so and usually she’ll say, No I didn’t like it and I’ll have to go back and push myself to be better. 

But now… he’s here and you’ll see what happened between him and Reese… also the Heart War… who lives and who dies and so on… no spoilers. You’ll just have to read part 2 due out on Black Friday.

For now, re-read Part 1 to get back familiar with the characters.


Part One


The harder he hit, the more it hurt, so he pressed his whole weight into it and knocked it repeatedly until his back was screaming with pain. Yet, it felt good. It felt so good to feel the hot steak run down his spine and grip his muscles until he felt like his whole body was going to collapse. Pausing for a moment to wipe the sweat off his face, he quickly started back up again ignoring the pain as much as he could, but when it got really bad, he would bite his lip and keep going…READ MORE

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1st Chapter EXCERPT

And you can catch up with the Heart Family by downloading all the rest of the books as well

The newest addition will be here soon, so I hope you get everything together and prepare for the War!

Which side are you King or Lethal? Who do you think is going to win?

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