His African Sweetheart – Part 12

Author’s Note:

Part 12 started out is a little over 4000 words and then I did corrections through Grammarly.  The word count dropped to near 3400.

Lesson on writing from this chapter: I’m still a bit wordy. Although I still ignored several passive sentence structures so sue me. There is possible one or two dangling modifiers as well.


This text scores better than 99% of all text checked by Grammarly where comparable goals were set.


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His African Sweetheart

Part 12

By Sylvia Hubbard

Part 12

Redd asked  worriedly, “Are you there, Enola?”

“Should I be?” Enola asked quietly. 

“No, you shouldn’t because you feel you’ve been lied to all this time, but I couldn’t tell anyone what I did… I was so ashamed he had driven me to do something like that.”

“YOU blame him? “

“I was angry,” Redd explained as her voice trembled. “I was angry; knowing what he was doing was hurting other people. I thought this was a perfect way to hurt him, and it did. It destroyed him, but it also destroyed me as well. In return, I let Aeden destroy me.” Redd took a deep refreshing breath. “He destroyed my medical career, and I didn’t fight the charges against me. I let the board take away my license, and then Shadow found me just as I was sitting in my apartment about to slit my wrists. It was going to be my last fuck you to Aeden.”

“What did Shadow do?”

Redd chuckled. “Shadow asked if I wasn’t too busy, there were a couple of prostitutes that needed my services, or they were going to some back alley smuck killing women with wire hangers.”

“And you’re telling me this why?”

“Because if I have to make a choice telling that asshole your business and you, I’m on your side every time,” Redd stated. “Plus, Shadow needs him for her plans, and like I said, getting him on Shadow’s side is more important than anything.”

“And my role in Shadow’s plan?” 

“It still hasn’t changed. We still need you to rock Aeden’s world.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“Trust me, Enola, you’re halfway there. The man is obsessed with you. He was speaking erratically as if he’s fighting his conscious and he’s pissed you won’t accept his offer to put you up in an apartment. Those items in that table were specifically picked out to tease the shit out of that man. And I know you can do that. I’ve seen those books in your home office. And they look very well-read. Just use what you know and what you dream of and make that man beg you for forgiveness and your heart.”

“That’s not what I want.”

“I know, but don’t you think it’ll be fun hearing those words from his lips?”

Enola chuckled. “I have to go Redd.”

“I know, but I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to tell you. When you showed up trying to see your sister and then saying, the babes you were carrying were Aeden’s, I nearly died. I thought to help you was my chance for redemption for the life I took. It feels like it. I would never betray you for him, Enola. I got your back.”

Enola was feeling dazed and needed to compartmentalize everything.

Redd must’ve heard the frustration in the enormous sigh Enola relayed and said, “Look, I know it was wrong of me to lay something so heavy on you like this. You need to keep your mind clear. We are all counting on you tonight. Don’t worry about anything, not even Angela. I’ll stay until either Nevada comes or Kansas Cytee returns and then head to the hotel to wait for you to come out. Just do what you have to do with Aeden tonight, and tomorrow, you can ask me all the questions in the world about anything and everything. You got this, Enola. You already have control of him before you even lock him down.”

Blushing, Enola sighed again said her goodbye. It was nice to know she had a few people she could trust with her baby and would miss them all when she moved back to Canada. 

As she quickly cleaned up and changed, she determined one thing from the conversation with Redd, Enola had read enough literature about everything that had to do with sex to teach school. With all that knowledge, she could do what she did at the villa on Aeden and practice on him techniques she would love to try with her husband. 

When would she ever have this opportunity to do whatever she wanted with a man? Without a man even looking her way nowadays because she had to stay in hiding, Enola didn’t know when she would have the possibility of life until she returned to Canada. 

This one night might be the last time in a very long time she could sexually enjoy herself. Allowing the opportunity to have a man’s body all to herself opened her mind and relaxed her nerves.

When she exited from the bathroom, Enola picked up a scalpel from the table and moved out of the bedroom to wait in the front room for Aeden. She returned the phone to the bottom of her purse and sat on the couch for the door to open.

Almost minutes later, Aeden was walking in the hotel room’s door, hanging up from a phone call.

He looked alarmed, seeing her sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and leaned back… relaxed.

“How long were you waiting for me?” he asked warily, closing and locking the door behind him.

“Does it matter? Why aren’t you bound and gagged being carried in the room? I do remember I didn’t walk into this room.”

He chuckled, taking off his jacket and hanging it up in the closet. “I couldn’t find anyone I could trust to get me here.”

“You have that many enemies?” she questioned. “If this work you do is so good for ‘others.'” She made air quotation marks. “Wouldn’t the act generate kindness in others?” 

“Are you judging me?”

“I have a right to judge being I was part of a judgment you decreed for my sister.”

He stiffened. “I’m here today to rectify what I’ve done to you, Enola.”

“You say that as if you’re doing me a favor.”

“This is doing me a favor,” he surprisingly admitted. 

She crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes. “How so?”

Aeden looked uncomfortable as he admitted, “I’ve had sleepless nights about you, Enola. I’ve wanted you to violate that agreement I made with you over Angel since the first night. Matter of fact, I didn’t think it’d take this long for you to do so. I wanted to pay for what I did. I didn’t want your hate.”

She snorted. “Do you think after this, I’m just going to forgive you? That life is going to be roses and cherries for the both of us?”

“I don’t know what to expect. I’ve been standing in the fucking hallway outside the door for the past ten minutes.”

Calming herself, she noticed how uptight he was. Aeden was nervous?

Relaxing her arms to stand akimbo, she said, “Then we better get started, right?”

He began to unbutton his shirt.

Quickly moving to him, Enola put her hands over his to stop him from undressing. “I don’t remember you giving me an option to get comfortable. I DO remember Barron bouncing me on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and tossing me on the bed.”

“How am I supposed to get my clothes off for you too-” He stopped talking as Enola raised the scalpel to his eye level. “What the fuck are you doing with that?” he demanded.

“I didn’t get an opportunity to ask questions that night,” she pointed out. 

“This is a seven thousand dollar hand-tailored suit from Italy!” he stated.

Sucking on her teeth calmly, she said, “Too bad for you. Now get in the room and lay down on the bed.”

He shifted very uncomfortably. “Dammit Enola-“

Cutting him off, she said, “That’s enough talking Aeden. You’re taking liberties I didn’t have, and that’s night fair. You promised me reciprocity tonight. Are you going back on your word?”

She could see the wariness all over his face and wanted to laugh. 

Aeden took a deep breath, trying to compose himself and walked in the room. Stopping abruptly at the doorway, he bellowed, “Oh, hell, fuck no!”

It took everything in her not to scream her mirth. Instead, she moved crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head as if she had no problem with the items on the table by the bed.

He looked over at her with both hands on the door frame. 

“I take it you had no idea what was laid out,” she surmised.

“Are you planning on using this?” he asked incredulously.

Instead of answering him, she just pointed in the bedroom.

He took another deep breath and walked into the bedroom. When Enola heard him lay down, she almost skipped joyously to the bedroom, stopping at the doorway to look at him lay down. The only thing he had removed his shoes, but she didn’t rail him on that. She had been barefoot. 

First, she picked up the handcuffs. Aeden only flinched as she locked his arms in place and then his ankles. He had just enough room to raise his knees if he wanted, and she smiled, knowing she would need the room.

There were sturdy leather straps on each side of the bed already installed, and all she had to do was bring both sides of them together to buckle them over his stomach. He closed his eyes, but she could see his breathing became rapid.

She put down the scalpel to pick up a scarf and broke off a large piece of tape “Open wide,” she ordered.

His eyes pleaded with her, but she only waited. 

He started to get angry and sneered, “You’ve become some heartless bi-“

Enola jammed the scarf in his mouth, so she received only a muffled curse. Smacking the tape over his face gave her so much pleasure. 

Immense pleasure!

Stepping away from the bed, watching him buck and yanked at his binds, Enola looked over his entire body and smiled. Aeden looked damn sexy strapped down, unable to move in her full control. 

She should have asked for justice way before this. Pure power surged through her veins, and she had to admit, Redd was right. Enola did know a lot of something-something and had no problem throwing away all inhibitions to sate a desire to punish him for what he had done to her.

He glared hard, and she could almost hear him demanding her to release him.

Instead of listening to him, she went over to the table and picked up the sharp fabric scissors. Turning to him, she tested the scissors out, loving how he bucked harder, straining at his binds, mumbling something.

She climbed on the bed, and he jerked so hard to get released, the steel headboard hit the wall causing a hole. 

“Be still,” she ordered. “I’ve never done this before, especially to a seven thousand dollar suit.” She had to giggle to herself, but cutting off Aeden clothes, knowing how much he valued the material felt so delicious. 

Aeden was suddenly very still as she stared at his chest, shredding the material with the beautifully sharpened scissors from shoulder to wrist. The blades cut through the soft material of his shirt like butter. 

His sharp intakes of breaths every once in a while was the only time he moved. He held his breathing, even more, when Enola got to his pants. The scissors sliced through the fabric of his underwear at the same time. 

She had to reverse cowboy straddle him to make sure she could get down to his ankles properly, giving him ample time to stare at her backside, and when Enola finished, she looked down between his legs to see he had become semi-hardened. 

With the hand not holding the scissors, she reached down and caressed his manhood.

He tried to buck, but with her weight on his stomach and his legs down, he wasn’t able to probably throw her off. 

She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. Getting off of him and putting the scissors back on the table, she moved to the bottom of the bed and crossed her arms over her chest. 

“Seeing you like this is rather sexy,” she admitted out loud.

He bucked seriously this time, mumbling something that didn’t sound at all nice. 

“I don’t remember you were giving me the option of releasing me that night,” she said, walking up to the end of the bed. The rail was low to the mattress, and she was able to reach over and run her hands up his ankles to his calf.

Moving back to the side of him, she continued to move her hand up the right of his leg, to his knee, and then up his thigh. He was affected. Both her hands became involved as she moved over his stomach, his chest, and then even his neck.

“Seeing you strapped down, in my control, is a turn on, Aeden.”

He looked at her as if she had said something foreign.

Biting her lip, she said, “I know I don’t say your name often.”

She moved away, knowing his eyes were now fully locked on hers and unable to look away from her. Pushing the sleeves of her nightgown off her shoulders, one at a time as slowly as possible, loving how she entranced him made her insides gush. 

Being fully naked except for the headdress, she moved around the bed, dragging her hand over his body and then around the other side of the bed. Opening the cabinet, she smiled, seeing the warm oil, feathers, and some other things she knew she was not adventurous enough to use, but from the look in his eyes; he was almost fearful she would.

Grabbing the bottle of oil, she climbed on the bed again. This time Aeden didn’t buck but looked relieved with her choice. Pouring the warm liquid in her hands, she saw he assumed she would rub the oil on him, but instead, she rubbed the oil on her chocolate body-loving how he couldn’t stop looking at her. 

Seeing her skin glisten under his watchful eyes was an even greater turn on. 

When she had oiled up to her posterior, she closed the body and straddled him. Rubbing her body against him, loving the warm feel of his skin touching hers was like electric pulsing through her veins. 

Moving her cheek against his face and then rubbing her lips over his chin, around his mouth, and then circling the tip of her nose around his, she found this was further exciting to him. 

Getting off his body and then laying, so her head was right by his manhood, she found with the oil still on her hands; she could grip him firmly and then move her hands quickly up and down alternating her palms until she fully aroused him.

His shaft felt like there was steel inside, unbendable, and pulsing.

His short intake of breaths was not out of fear but arousal. Aeden was half out of his mind, and he wasn’t fighting to get away anymore. He was straining to control her strokes, but she wasn’t having any of what he wanted. 

Every time she went against his body, he became a mess, groaning and mumbling his displeasure.

When he was half out of his mind, she decided to take him to another level. 

Enola moved around, so she laid the same way he was, but her head was still down by his manhood between his spread legs. 

Slowly, she began to please him orally. Initially using the tip of her tongue, licking every part of his shaft, firm testicles, and even the side of his inner thighs and the warm crevices where everything was connected. 

Feeling his warm shaft engorge her mouth and pulse down her throat felt immensely fulfilling. 

She took her time licking him entirely and then pulling him repeatedly down her throat until she gagged and then alternating by moving down to gorge upon his orbs.

Aeden stretched his body out, arching his back completely senseless. Feeling how taut his skin was over his testicles, she knew he was ready to come, but she continued to tease him. Her torture wasn’t over, though, as she moved up and again straddled his body facing him.

Moving his shaft between her legs, her feminine dew was enough moisture to guide him inside easily, but she didn’t press him in immediately. She circled the tip of him around her labia and clit several times, exciting herself almost to him. 

She could feel herself coming and had to stop what she was doing, pressing her other hand on his chest as she was in the grip of orgasming.

Moaning her joy, she looked up at him, embarrassed she had lost control.

He was still watching her in pure fascination, and Enola was becoming to enjoy that look in his eyes. 

Retaking control, she circled the tip of his shaft around and then plunged him inside of her.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” she cried, and she was sure he was mumbling the same thing as she rested her full weight on his to slide down until she had him deep within her.

Unlike him, she could recover quickly enough to continue to move. Using her knees, Enola was able to lift and slide back down, slow at first, and then increase her pace. Aeden was shaking; his skin was throbbing, and his body was vibrating heat.

He had become so thick she could barely stroke him despite the copious amounts of her essence all over them.

She was losing control again with him, and it was becoming harder to move on top of him. He bucked so hard, the bed lifted out of place and was their undoing.

Her body started coming like a river all over him when she raised to grip her thighs to him to hold on from the powerful thrust of his hips and dragging her fingernails over his chest. Seconds later, he followed her filling her body like there was no tomorrow until his thick liquid force was leaking from her mixing with hers.

Reaching over to the table, she got the key and unlocked his arms. “I guess I’m not your African Sweetheart, anymore,” she said out of breath as she unbuckled the strap around his waist. “I hope you hate me as much as I hate you, Aeden.”

He looked up at her intensely stretching his shoulders out and then ripped the tape off his mouth and spat out the handkerchief.

His eyes moved down her body and looked down to where their bodies were still joined together.

She followed his eyes, and then they looked at each other, and she straightened her spine, ready for the repercussions she most likely she would receive for torturing him.

Shooting his hand up and grabbing her by the back of her neck, he yanked her down right on his lips.

Aeden was kissing her with a passion so powerful; she almost came again. She felt him take the key from her hand, twisting his body around, bringing her with him and laying her on his side. Reaching down, he unlocked his ankles and then moved over her, thrusting into her. 

She was shocked; he was still aroused enough to continue making love to her. All the while, he continued to kiss her like his mouth never wanted to be apart from hers. And Enola abandoned all senses and kissed him back, digging her fingernails in his shoulder until she could feel blood under her fingertips.

He didn’t stop his thrusting, and she felt he could go on forever. Enola laughed, out of her mind full of so much lust as she continuously orgasmed, drenching the bed and their bodies.

Aeden joined her again, and they laughed together.

She was going crazy, but maybe to be in love with Aeden, she had to be insane. 

He moved up so he could look down at her. The tip of his finger started at her temple and moved down to her chin and he raised her face up until she was looking at him.

Suddenly, his look became very serious as he said, “I love you, Enola. I know I shouldn’t and I don’t expect you to love me or ever forgive, but I know I love you from the bottom of my heart. I want to make up for what I did to you, even if it takes the rest of my life. I will do anything for you.”

Taking his finger, she dipped her lips and suckled the tip. His tongue hungrily replaced his finger and they were kissing again, arousing each other once more.

Her addiction to Aeden was becoming insatiable.

Damn, he loved her and she loved him. The realization Enola would never want to stop seeing Aeden further solidified her decision to leave. Go. Never come back and never have anything to do with Aeden Faust after this night.

For now, she would enjoy herself with him. 

She would enjoy every damn second without regret and without inhibitions.

His African Sweetheart – part 12 (c) 2019 Sylvia Hubbard. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means without written permission by the author.

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7 thoughts on “His African Sweetheart – Part 12

  1. Whew chile! So we steadily making babies. He just unloaded a ton of chiren amd neither of them batted an eyelash. I knew he was in love but what happens next will really cause some hurt. He ain’t ready. She ain’t ready. I don’t think anybody is ready besides Shadow. She always ready and plans ahead. Great update.

  2. I want to be in Shadow’s head to know what her plans are. Is Enola on birth control? She claim to want to be rid of Aeden, but she is risking another pregnancy. After he poured his heart out what he going to do about the other woman. Is Enola ready for the repercussions when she disappears? I’m afraid he will turn into a more evil person then before.

    1. Sigh…. This chapter really hit home for me because Enola really plans on leaving. I mean I can’t convince her otherwise and I know that sounds crazy and wild, but she has to go back to Canada. She can’t stay there.

  3. Aedan and Enola’s relatiionship is so intense. He said he would do anything for her. If she can remember that after their mind blowing sexual encounter, she needs to ask for something that will keep her and her little girl safe. Something that will give her some leverage. If Aedan ever finds out about the other child I can’t imagine how evil and angry he will become because she would have out smarted him all this time. I’m sure Shadow has this all figured out. Can’t wait to see.

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