Guess who’s coming… #Emperor’s Addiction 2 #amwriting #amreading #romancesuspense Cover Reveal

There is sometimes some real fun in writing and Emperor’s Addiction has not only been a very difficult write, but also a fun write.

I thought I’d struggle a lot because this book had to do with a lot of the Hearts. Some of these Hearts people have only heard about.

Some more sneak peeks are coming soon so make sure you are subscribed and looking for me…

And without further ado… Cover reveal for Emperor’s Heart 2… Please tell me what you think.

Tell me what you think.

Synopsis for this one is coming soon, but if you haven’t caught up on part one, then click here:

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One thought on “Guess who’s coming… #Emperor’s Addiction 2 #amwriting #amreading #romancesuspense Cover Reveal

  1. These is going to be great. Love the cover. Been waiting for this book and can’t wait to be the first one in line to purchase.

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