UPDATE COMING SOON OF #LiveStory #HisAfricanSweetheart. Are you caught up? Help with new title, get mention in the book and a $10 Amazon Card!


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Part 10 is running about the same length as part 9, so you’ll have a beefy read. And don’t forget to share this with other readers. I know we have over 2000 reading now but I would always love more. You know like a million of them.

Of course, this is the part where I say we’re coming to the end and setting out on a new journey.  By Part 12, I might be done. Initially, we’ll have the book available for one dollar, exclusively on Smashwords for the Cyber Monday sale and then once it’s done with the editor, the price will jump to 2.99 like most of the other Hearts books that are over 50K. Yes, we’ve hit the mark where this book is no longer a novella but almost a real book. I should be at 65K before it’s all done and the editor knocks it down.

Patting myself on the back.

Up next is Emperor’s Addiction 2. If you need to catch up on Emperor’s Addiction, please go to https://amzn.to/31Pn2NO

I’m really excited about this whole Heart endeavor as we build-up to the war. Aeden is a key figure in this whole mess and I needed to get his story out.  (As you read part 11 you’ll see how I’m building towards this.)

Help with the new title, get a mention in the book and a $10 Amazon Card!

Another dilemma to attend to is the title of the book. If you’ve read this far then you can help me rename the book. In the comments please suggest other names you think we should call this story.

Add your suggestion in the comments and the winner will be announced in December


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