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21st Century Guide to Publishing and Marketing Workshop Notes for @Detroit Library – Knapp Branch OCTOBER-26

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Publishing Notes can be found in the PDF you’ll receive from your host. You can also download the Mini-Guide to Self Publishing.


10 Ridiculously Simple Tips for Writing a Book
by Jeff Goins

Self Publishing Guide from Dan Poynter


Digital Printing Companies to Use

Ebook Publishers
Create Your Own Ebooks in various formats:
Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing

iBookstore (Apple books for their devices)
(will upload to b&N, plus other online distributors i.e.: )
The Five-Step Planning Process for Marketing Books
Break your markets into groups (segment)
Choose the group(s) that are going to be your best customers (target)
Learn how, when, where, and why they buy books, and be there when they are (intercept)
Create a special marketing mix (product, price, promotions, and distribution) for each target group (position)
Create a “to do” list and turn it into a “to sell” list.

And to get all the powerpoint notes and the extra resources :

Resources for Writing Publishing & Marketing Volume One 2018

Buy Now

Resources for the writer and author needing quick links to their pressing questions.

1. Finding Publishers for Traditional Publishing

2. Spreading the word that my book is published

3. 1st Book, Not sure what to do Initially

4. Where should I end the book & how to prepare my manuscript for publishing?

5. Establishing an Author’s Platform and getting started

6. Strategies for increasing my eBook and online book sales

7. How to make time to write my book

8. Best marketing plan for my book

9. How to get book marketing plan to maximize the book’s sales and message



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