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Tracey Robinson

I love reading books so I participate in a couple of book clubs outside of my own. It helps to expose me to books I may not have selected to read. While this isn’t my first Sylvia Hubbard read, this one definitely threw me off rip!

Sylvia is known to have some crazy, off-the-wall type plots. This one topped the cake for me. An unforgettable one-night stand became a forbidden fruit. Unfortunately, the one-night stand had such an effect on Onnilissa, she just can’t help herself.

While incest is a taboo subject for sure, the development of the story helps to explain how such a relationship may happen. I think Sylvia found a way to start a conversation on the topic and how family plays a role the likelihood of it happening. She also shows how shunning family members is potentially life-altering. Sylvia ended book 1 with you dying to find out what’s in store for Onnilissa, Titan, her mother, and of course the other Heart family members.

Despite the incestuous relationship, there is substance to this book. It may not be your cup of tea; however, don’t judge the book without reading it. You just might enjoy it.

Tracey Robinson
Words For The Soul Book Club

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