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WHERE ARE YOU “STUCK” RIGHT NOW IN YOUR AUTHOR CAREER QUESTION AND ANSWER SERIES: Daily Word Count? Trying to do the 5k a day with a f/t life! #sylLit #sylTips


We’re starting this series as a way to get into the grind of authoring.

A lot of people have been asking me how do I do the things I do and I find that I can easily answer questions in a simply disturbing way. Disturbing more for me than anyone else because I actually know the answer to their question.

Initial question:

daily word count. Really need to get to that 5K on the weekdays’ mark. Weekends are easy, but with family and the day job, 5K Mon-Fri is a tough one to hit.


Initial answer:

just try to write every day. that’s what i tell myself. I used to be at an exhausting 10k a day and i was pumping out books left and right, then a personal tragedy struck and I had to sit back and pump my brakes to a stop… for three years. I’m back up to 2 to 3k now, but I hope to hit the 5k mark at least once a week and just be happy.

Additional Answer:

Other ideas: I listen to the music list all day, on my way home, I start to set up the scenes I need to work on and when I get home from work I’m pumped to write – even if I’m tired and it helps get a lot done even if I have little time.

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