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#AskMeAnything… Almost Questions & Answers: How did you get into writing? #writerslife

Kicking off the march with a new thing…

#AskMeAnything… Almost

I’ve posted this on my social media and encouraged people to ask me questions. I got some and I’m showcasing them for you except here I go into a little bit more detail

Question: How did you get into writing?



this is always a fun question that I like to tell at career day. I used to lie to my mom a lot. ridiculous amount. I was about six or seven according to her and one day after whooping me within an inch of my life, she made me write the lie-down. This happened several times where she wasn’t whooping me because of what I had done, but because I lied to her.. I found writing was 1) less painful and 2) very enjoyable. The source of my pain became my pleasure and I found I could really stretch the imagination. I stopped lying, which is probably why I don’t have a lot of close friends and started putting my storytelling abilities on paper and then eventually on the computer and then into a book to sell. I love being a creative scribe


There’s really no addition. I love my mom to death for being the one person that believed I was a writer before I knew I was a writer and has encouraged me since then.


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