Michigan Author Starter Book was a hit at @RochWriters #RochesterWriters Self Publishing Conference!

I completely sold out and had to hurry up and order a new run. Fedex/Kinkos not only had them ready in less than a day but took a discount off of them.

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Author Starter Guide

Everything a Michigan Author needs to start your writing, publishing & marketing journey but were afraid to ask, couldn’t find or didn’t know

Currently only available as a paperback

In this book you’ll find:

  • Six Month Writing Plan
  • Checklist for Writing, Publishing & Marketing
  • Detailed Independent Publishing Checklist
  • Kindle Publishing Checklist
  • Resources & Links
  • Businesses that sell Michigan Author
  • Important Publication Registrations
  • Resources to Print the Book
  • Book & Business Resource Listings
  • Metro Detroit Library Listings
  • Michigan American Bookseller Association Independent Bookstore List
  • Links to
    • Book Review Listings
    • African American Book Clubs
    • Book Blogger Listings
    • U.S. Public Library Listings

Want to order yours? Click here

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