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#AskMeAnything… Almost Questions & Answers: How long does it take you to write a book

Still Kicking off a new thing…

#AskMeAnything… Almost

I’ve posted this on my social media and encouraged people to ask me questions. I got some and I’m showcasing them for you except here I go into a little bit more detail

Question: How long does it take you to write a book?



when the juices are there three months. That’s a novel. A novella has been three days to three months. A shirt story takes about six months cause it’s really hard for me to condense anything. Lately though, i’m been slowing down with life, the house and becoming an empty nester, but as soon as things get back to normal i should be pushing my regular speed.


I want to do more. So much more! Omg! I want to jump through a lot of story hoops and I have so many other stories to finish.

I will. I swear. I’ve made August my deadline to finish Emperor’s Heart Part 2 and Betrayed.

Pray for me

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