#AskMeAnything… Almost Questions & Answers: Is marriage what you thought it would be?

Kicking off the march with a new thing…

#AskMeAnything… Almost

I’ve posted this on my social media and encouraged people to ask me questions. I got some and I’m showcasing them for you except here I go into a little bit more detail

Question: Is marriage what you thought it would be?



No, it’s what I fantasize. #mademynight has given me a love story I could really have never imagined.


I’ve had men in my life who:

  • promised me things
  • did nice things, but not what I wanted (my love language wasn’t being met)
  • thought they were rocking my world, but rocking their own
  • never really knowing me

In #mademynight’s love, I’m seen and not just heard, I’m loved and appreciated and I feel like the most beautiful creature in the universe. He doesn’t make promises he actually does what he says he’s going to do and he’s genuine.

For the first time in my life, since my kids, I don’t feel guilty about trying to balance my writing life or loving being a writer more than the other person. We got our vices and they mesh well together. I don’t have to be secretive about my writing life like it’s another lover and he understands my community obligation, workshop schedule, booksignings and other duties as founder of Motown Writers, host of the Michigan Literary Network and most of all the responsibilities of being an independent author.

Now I’m not going to say he’s perfect but even his faults are awesome to me. I think any other woman would be driven insane by them, but we’re like a ying-yang thing and I love God has given me this love story I want to live with for the rest of my life.

In case you missed the nuptials, you can check out or leave a testimonial at toddandsylvia.com

And here’s some pics (thanks Monica Morgan for the awesome photoshoot the day after the wedding)

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