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What I’m working on… Been busy, sick, getting married and taking care of business… #EmperorsAddiction #MondayBlogs #Wip #bitmoji

So I got this co-worker who is now going through my library.

Last night, she jumped up and out of the clear quiet started yelling at me at the top of her lungs.

She had just finished Book one of Emperor’s Addiction.

I knew her struggle because I had just a few days ago finished the book.

And here goes the story of what I’m working on now.

Long ago… about 2007, I was a single mom and trying to make a dollar outta fifty cents.

Emperor’s Addiction was born. I pushed through and then put it on the back burner knowing sooner or later I’d publish it.

Fast forward to 2013, there was this fire and I had to get out of my depression and work on my literary stuff. Plus I needed money like no tomorrow and decided to rely on books to get me the extra income I really needed.

This was when series were started to get popular and I gave birth to A Little Bit of Sin and then Emperor’s Addiction.

But there was a glitch in the plan. Being homeless, and trying to keep up with everything something fell between the cracks.

Emperor’s Addiction Book One- About book | Buy Book on Smashwords | Buy Book on Amazon

As you can see this is a Heart of Detroit Series, which makes the folly of this all even more upsetting.

I know how my fans, followers and sneakreaders love Emperor’s Heart.

And I know I should be giving them anything they ask for.

But in this regard, life really did get in the way.

So I’m working on it.

I found the book, and I even found the cover I had already planned for and it’s on it’s way. Been putting my nose in it day in and day out.

So what about the other books you’re working on Sylvia?

That’s another story for another day.

Thank you for your patience.

God, isn’t through with me yet.

BTW, I did get married. It was so fun and romantic and I had a great time.

Now it’s back to work and I hope 2019 will be the year, My readers will be proud of me.

Emperor’s Addiction Book One- About book | Buy Book on Smashwords | Buy Book on Amazon



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