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#wip #BlacksInnocence #writersLife Update | What do you do?#SylLit

Still busy writing, figuring out the ending. 💻Thought I had it figured out but then Blaque started bothering me. What’s her diabolical plan? Her over all goal 👍she wants to achieve?

To fulfill her father’s plan, yet she really 💝 loves her brother, King. 👑

True she’s not a real player in the story, but her influence in any story 📝is so strong you can’t but to be worried.😣

That’s me,right now. Worried over Blaque’s power. 😯

She’s coming like a tsunami ☔ and the winds of change is a’coming for the Hearts. 💜

I hope to be posting by tomorrow. As always sorry for the delay ⏰ and I appreciate all your support.

Xoxo #Sneakreaders are awesome

If you haven’t started reading my current work in progress, check out the link below.

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