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Author’s Note:

Yes, I’m slowing down a little, but these are very intricate parts of the book. These chapters create what you will expect… that crap hits the fan moment. I’m preparing to kill people, get people to see the truth, build intensity between the protaganist and so forth… this is a lot of hard work and being that this is a live write, I got to get it right the first time.

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Now my comments about the story:

So I’m trying to use a tone of voice with Dylan but the grammar check keeps hitting me. ugh…

… Enjoy


Black’s Innocence Chapter 37


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8 thoughts on “#BlacksInnocence Chapter37

  1. Jesus! The results of Tyler’s adultry case against his ex and Dylan…WOW!!!

    I don’t think Lauren need to have sex with Dylan to get the scoop on his friendship with Tyler. At this point Dylan probably will tell her anything. I just wish she would have not be in such a hurry to sign that addendum. She should know by now Tyler has a reason for everything he does.

  2. She signed that addendum to fast, and I hope she doesn’t have sex with Dylan, she has been through enough already, and I secretly think she pregnant. I am officially scared of Tyler, he doesn’t play fair and his revenge goes so deep.

  3. This addendum is a surprise and I love the idea of it. Should she do Dylan or should she not do Dylan? She already knows that he will come up short in the sex department thanks to Tyler. So why do him? Dylan is a narcissist and will not recognize that he is inadequate. Dylan is a waste of time; I hope she doesn’t have sex with him. That will mess with Tyler because he will think she is now committed to him. But, if Lauren had thoughts like I have about her situation, she would continue to go along with the devil she is getting to know and get more information she will need to make a clean break from both those psychos.

      1. Ok…….where is the next chapter. I anxious to read what happens next. How much longer? I look for the next chapter like its the daily newspapers,; checking for it every morning 😁. Thank you for the excitment and entertaiment.

  4. I hoped that Lauren didn’t sign that addendum, for some weird reason I like the idea of her and Tyler becoming a couple. Tyler was there for her in a unorthodox way and yes he had an alternative motive in the beginning but soon realized she was innocent in this whole mess of a situation.
    She need to avoid Dylan at all cost he is such a waste of her time.

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