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Chance Jefferson is a constant in my book and eventually, I will find someone for him. I don’t think he’ll necessarily have his own story, but I do know he’ll be happy. I know I probably asked this before, but can someone tell me what book he originally appeared in? I want to say Sin’s Iniquity.

I like that I have Lauren moving forward, but with moving forward she finds even more things out.

In this chapter, you’ll see Shadow’s involvement and hopefully, it will answer your questions about Shadow, if you know very little about her. My strong suggestion is to read Wicked Chances at your earliest convenience.

And yes this is a longer than average chapter. sorry for taking so long to post


Black’s Innocence Chapter 27

Shadow hadn’t left until two in the morning, but she was rested enough to help Lauren move all the boxes by the steps so Rodger and his brother could load them when the truck came the next day.

“Moving actually helps me forget the pain I’m in,” the young woman said sarcastically, but wouldn’t say anything more as to why she was allowing someone to beat the crap out of her and Lauren wasn’t going to annoy her more by asking. Siphoning as much information out of Shadow through their time spent was very important to Lauren because she wanted to go forward in life with her eyes wide open from now on.

Lauren washed up in the cold water in the morning of the basement too lazy to dig the electric water kettle out of the box to warm water.

There was so much for her to think about after Shadow left. The young woman was still rather evasive about herself and this uncle King. Lauren figured out the uncle was a client of Tyler’s and obviously had some deep connections that could sway Tyler’s mother’s family to accept him into their fold.

Lauren also learned, Tyler’s mother was a bitch, who Tyler was so angry with he rarely dealt with which also meant Tyler rarely spoke with his younger brother who adored his mother to pieces.

Tyler was only close to his half-sister.

Shadow had grown up on the streets of Detroit since she was ten, but prior to that, she lived with her adopted mother in various places until she couldn’t stand the woman anymore. Running away was better than killing the woman and since then Shadow had learned fast and hard about living and making money.

“Monday, I need you to handle some business for me. A woman’s going to deliver to you some information with instructions,” Shadow said before leaving. “You’ll be paid well for your service and I’ll owe you a great deal of debt. And if you find anything else about DevelopMoore, let me know. I’ll keep you updated.”

Lauren didn’t mind the extra money and she agreed to help Shadow.

“You’re pensive,” Rodger noted as he drove her to the doctor’s office.

“I have a lot on my mind.”

“So you are sick?”

“No, I’m fine. This is just a health appointment the doctor insisted upon,” Lauren answered adjusting the seatbelt on her chest trying to be comfortable in her thoughts more than physically. She was sitting in the front since they were alone.

“I’m sorry,” Rodger said. “I don’t mean to seem like I’m digging in your business.”

“It’s no problem, Rodger,” she assured him. 

Rodger pulled in the doctor’s office and she saw only the doctor’s car was in the parking lot. Lauren had to press a chime and Chance came to the locked door to let her in. He looked as handsome as always and smiled his wide white teeth grin as he relocked the door.

“First things first,” he said and handed her a specimen cup. “Give me a sample and then meet me in the examination room one.”

She left her bag in the lobby since no one else was there and went to the bathroom. This was always the procedure, but a nurse usually checked her in. Having him do so today wasn’t out of the norm to her. She quickly gave a specimen, wiped down and then went into the room.

Chance was in there already and handed her a robe as she sat on the examination table.  

He asked, “How do you feel?”

“Good. Really I’m fine,” she insisted blushing, remembering constantly how he had seen her with Tyler yesterday.

“I just want to make sure, Lauren. With your father passed away, I think someone needs to be looking out for you as protectively as he had looked out for you,” he said.

“Maybe that was the problem, Dr. Jefferson. My parents felt they needed to shield me from a lot of things.” She shrugged. “I’m not upset with them. I know my father was trying to make up for the hard life I had without him.”

“How long as that been going on? And by that, I mean the relationship with Tyler. The sexual relationship with Tyler.”

If she wasn’t blushing hard before she knew she was turning a deep dish almond cinnamon by now. “Are you reprimanding me or just making me feel ashamed?”

He sat down in the chair reserved for him and looked at her so he wouldn’t seem so intimidating. “Lauren, I care about you and you have to know how this looks and what can happen if you continue this? This is your ex’s best friend. You don’t think Tyler’s just using you to get another notch on his bedpost.”

“Probably,” she agreed. “But if I’m honest with myself and you, then I have to say I kind of like what Tyler does to me.”

He shot out of the stool and closed the door to the room abruptly. “You can’t be serious, Lauren.”

“I am,” she said. “I learned so much about sex the first time with Tyler than I did with Dylan.”

Now the doctor looked flushed. “Please tell me what happened with Dylan.”

Relaxing a little, Lauren relayed what happened on her wedding night. “My underclothes were barely off before he got me on the bed and laid on top of me. He humped, but I didn’t feel a thing.”

“Nothing?” Chance asked appalled.

“I don’t think he was long enough. I felt him around the edge, but I felt more pressure when you used the speculum than with him.”

Chance blushed now.

Lauren continued feeling comfortable talking with Chance and wishing she had come to him sooner. Being able to talk out her thoughts and frustrations of that whole night with anyone who could understand made her feel so much better. “After about a minute, he growled and then rolled off.”

“Aren’t you exaggerating? A minute, Lauren?” he questioned in disbelief.

“No, I’m not. I thought it would be longer, but it was about a minute when he was done and that was it. He was snorting a minute later.”

Lauren thought she heard something at the door. “Is someone here?”

Chance coughed standing up suddenly. “Umm, it’s probably the nurse coming to help me out. Lauren, undress completely. I’m going to give you a full work up. I want to make sure you’re okay and we’ll talk about this some more. Just knock on the door when you’re ready.”

She nodded and waited for him to leave to give her a moment to undress.

It didn’t take long because she had only worn some loose pants and a sweater. She had more clothes to change into when she was taken back home, but it felt nice being driven around so she wouldn’t have to layer so much when she went outside.

She knocked when she was done, but it was five minutes later when Chance came back with a kind looking woman dressed in a nurse’s uniform.

“Have you been using protection?” Chance questioned.

“I stopped taking the birth control a week prior to getting married and honestly lost the tablets in all the depression I went through and couldn’t afford to refill them. There was no extra protection used when I was with Dylan, but with Tyler, we used a condom, except once. He admitted it yesterday, which was why he also insisted I come see you,” Lauren said as she laid on her back and looked at the ceiling while Chance moved between her legs.

“Take a deep breath.”

Lauren couldn’t believe how relaxed she was as Chance did his examination. These examinations usually stressed her out every year. Today, she actually was glad to be here and knowing Chance would make sure everything was okay.

“I’m going to be much more careful after today, Dr. Jefferson,” she assured him.

He snorted swabbing for samples. “With Tyler? I doubt that. He’s a very determined man when he really wants something. He’s a Black through and through and I know more than a few. They all become obsessive when it comes to a woman they love.”

She looked down at Chance. “Tyler is not in love with me.”

He took her legs out of the stirrups and told his nurse to get the sample to the lab.

When the nurse was gone and he was helping her sit up, Chance said, “Tyler has his evilness, but then he has his vices. Currently, you’re one of them and I’m very worried about you, Lauren.”

“It won’t be long,” she assured him. Shrugging, she continued, “A couple more weeks and Tyler won’t pay me the time of day except when it just has to do with business and I’m fine with that. I learned a lot sexually with Tyler and I feel I can handle just working for him. Once this is over, it’s over and I can move on with my life.”

“So yesterday, everything you said about Tyler was true?”

“Yes,” she said. “He’s one of the best negotiators and he takes his business very seriously. He really is the only one that has helped me after I was devastated financially so I owe him a debt of gratitude.”

“With your body?” Chance asked disgustedly.

“That’s not it,” she quickly said. “I mean I owe him a lot of thanks because he gave me a job I’m already good at. The sex is not even part of the employment.”

“If at any point you don’t want to work for him anymore, I can always find a space in my new venture in our administration section. I know Dylan won’t be away for long so I’d rather you come work for me than let the stress kill you.”

“I’ll definitely keep that under consideration, Dr. Jefferson. My father would appreciate you helping me.”

“Your father was a very powerful lawyer and had a lot of contacts too. Tyler isn’t as powerful as he is, but I have to admit he comes close.” Chance relaxed and leaned in close to her. “You’re not pregnant, Lauren, but I think you should go back on the pill or at least the shot.”

Lauren nodded. “I’ll do the shot.”

“Good. I’ll give you a dose today, but you understand it’s not effective immediately. You’ll still have to use protection, which you still should until you get married.”

She gave him a most serious salute. “Yes, sir.”

“Get dressed and I’ll be back in a moment.”

When he was gone again, Lauren smiled to herself. This had been the best thing to do. A lot of stress she didn’t even realize she had been experiencing seem to roll off her soul.

Once she finished with Tyler, her days of dealing with men would be over.

She’d go celibate and give herself a very long vacation from men.

Her thoughts turned to what Shadow said a little bit about Chance last night when Lauren had inquired how did the young woman know about her “big dick doctor.”

Shadow had laughed and then painfully winced. “All the women talk. I never saw it but one woman said it’s like a baby’s arm holding an apple.”

Lauren’s mouth had dropped open. “That’s impossible.”

“You think that fine handsome black man is single for any other reason?” Shadow had questioned. “Ask him. Ask him to show you. And then take a picture because I want to see what everyone talks about.”

When Chance came back into the room with a syringe, Lauren blurted, “So why do a lot of people know about the length of your penis, Dr. Jefferson?”

He blushed hard, closing up his doctor’s coat looking vulnerable. “Did Tyler say something to you?”

“He knows too?”

“Who have you been talking too?” he questioned suspiciously.

Looking incredulously, Lauren asked, “It’s not true, is it?” Now her eyes couldn’t help to look at his crotch.

“Turn around, Lauren. I need to put this in your butt,” he said irritated.

Lauren leaned over the examination desk. “Women talk. You know that.”

“Too much,” he growled, right before sticking the syringe in her rear muscle.

She winced, but otherwise, there was nothing.

As he applied the cold alcohol and pressure on her rear, he said, “If you must know, I’m well endowed and people find it a source of levity in the situation. Apply pressure for a little bit more and then you’ll be fine. There will be some soreness but nothing a Tylenol can’t help. What did they describe it as?”

She turned to him. “She said she heard it was like a baby’s arm holding an apple.”

Smirking, Chance said, “That’s new, but not even close.” He gave her a playful wink and left the room indicating for her to follow him to the lobby. “You’re healthy, Lauren. Stay that way, okay.” He took out a small envelope. “There’s a couple of condoms in there. Make sure Tyler uses them. And take care of yourself.”

She nodded and waved goodbye as she picked up her bag and left the office.

Rodger came out of the driver’s side and opened the passenger side. “Everything cool?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said glad to be headed back to her place. She looked at her phone to see she had an email message from the people at the leasing company. They’d left her key above the doorway of her new place. “Is your brother ready to help me move?”

Rodger smiled. “Yep. I just got off the phone with him. He’s going to meet us at the house.”


Lucas, Rodger’s brother was thicker, but with all muscle. Upon first look, he seemed overweight, but then Lauren realized this was all muscle.

“We used to call him Big Herc when he was a baby because he used to pick up everything,” Rodger said.

Lucas had taken a buyout at the car plant and opened up his moving and junk haul business because he enjoyed the life. He had about ten employees and five trucks. He was bonded and licensed and took his business seriously.

“Thank you so much for helping me,” Lauren said.

Lucas shrugged. “He’s my big brother. I’d do anything for him. And if you’re a friend of Mr. Black’s I’d definitely help you, cause he got my brother this job and negotiated the lawsuit with the city when they wrongfully fired my brother. If Rodger hadn’t gotten Mr. Black’s help, he’d be screwed.”

She tried not to admire the good things Tyler had done, but it was becoming more and more difficult.

As she had predicted, they really only needed one truck and went over to the new place. These were affordable two-story townhouses with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a half, a front room and a merging kitchen and dining room with a private driveway from the alley.

She found the key where the email had said it was and walked into the place. She had only seen the place online so walking into the foyer she smiled proudly to herself.

Having her own place was the best thing she could really do for herself at this point in her life and it felt so wonderful moving forward and progressing as she was.

There was a small white box on the floor by the door, with a red bow wrapped around it and a tag attached on top with her name written clearly.

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