Book Treats for Weekend book buyers #SylLit #SylTips

Book Treats all packaged and ready to go for this weekend. Want one? Check out my event page

These book treats consist of 2 beautiful necklace charms, which can also be a bracelet, a book worm button, Create Your Own Romance Game Card and my business and book card. Its sealed securely and my cost? Little to none.

The majority of the cost is in the jewelry and jump rings but if you buy in bulk on places it Etsy or Oriental trading you’re sure to save money. The necklaces themselves I got from Amazon for 100 of them at a deal.

Now you say why didn’t I pay someone to do it. I looked at the cost of 5 dollars from an etsy dealer and then $2.50 for me, including the sealed bags and felt it was better for me do it if myself.

What promo book treats do you have?

What book treats do readers love?

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