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Black’s Innocence

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I had to go back and read a passage while I was live writing my book Black’s Innocence and decided the easiest way was to go to my website and click on the links in the chapter at the main page where the book was housed.

Come to find out I had bad links and I highly updated that for the last month no one said a thing but I did notice a drop in readership.

I know new readers and the usual readers depend on the book’s main page to be able to seek out and read the books that I post out. This is especially true for new readers who come and hop around dipping, tasting and just trying to soak up everything.

So a bad link means death for a writer because it’s disappointing for readers to come to a site and get stopped by technology.

I want my readers to have a smooth ride on the site. I would like them to settle back in a chair and get lost in reading without less and less technology interruption.

Now I know what you’re saying, Duh, Sylvia, they are reading your website on a small screen and pressing these buttons to get back and forth. That’s already a lot of technology you’re holding them to especially since there are a lot of exclusive reads in the pages of the website.

It is, but there’s no harm in giving an uninterrupted experience so they aren’t reminded of this.

Three things will happen with broken links

1. Broken links can hurt your SEO
2. Broken links Ruins User experience -causes frustration and irritation
3. Broken links hurt conversion rates – lost purchases

If you don’t want this to happen, please make sure you are checking your links often or using dependable links that you know will never fail.

By the way:

Google is shutting down its goo.gl URL shortening service

Just thought you’d like to know.

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