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Sneak Peak of Upcoming New Book, Black’s Innocence …

If you didn’t know by now, the Innocent Vengeance story is actually the first part of Black’s Innocent…

She prepared for the perfect life, but nothing could prepare for Him…

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Lauren had patiently waited all her life for her wedding day. Vowing celibacy, saving every dime, and borrowing every nickel just to make one day of her life perfect from start to finish.

Yet, with all her planning she didn’t plan for HIM… the one man who has intentions of destroying everything she waited all her life for, but why? She had never done anything to him!

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Most #SneakReaders figured it out, but if you didn’t and just didn’t bother to read it because you thought it was just another story, then you need to click here now and get to reading. I’m working out the kinks as we speak and hopefully, in December, I can start the end of the year with a dark bang, that I know you’ll love.

I’m Loving Tyler.

He’s so Dark

… And wicked.

Just like a Black.

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And of course, I have the cover ready for Black’s Innocence:

About this book: 

Taking her virginity was easy, damning her soul will be fun.

Adopted out to another family before he knew his real parentage, the cruel Black’s blood runs through Tyler’s veins.

He was trying to be a nice guy, but when his best friend wrongs him, his revenge will be nothing less than stellar.

Lauren prided herself on saving herself for marriage. Ten dollars a week on her measly income also provided her with a dowry any man would be proud to have, along with her virginity.

Yet, from the first day she met her fiancé’s best friend, her life became hell on wheels and there was nothing she could do about it.

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