Become an Awesome #RomanceSuspense Reader! Get your merchandise now! #WritersLife

Why Be An Awesome Romance Suspense Readers!

You’re different.

You don’t like to read the everyday novel.

You love page-turning, heart-stopping stories that make you scream, cry and cheer for the hero and heroine. (That’s just before chapter 2)!

You want others to know but you don’t want to just scream your reading joy around because that would be weird. Instead, you want to stealthily let everyone know you love to read high suspense romance! And you want others to know about the author, Sylvia Hubbard.

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Why I’m offering “merch” to my readers?

I would like to give my diehard fans (my sneakreaders) a chance to financially support my work and demonstrate their reading loyalty.

I want to create a connection with my readers

I want to turn avid readers into wonderful cheerleaders who would love to spread my name (without saying a word) by sporting my “merch” out there in the world where I can’t be all the time.

I have something more than just my book to attract other readers, this earns me more money and it builds a great connection.

I will have plenty of extra content to share on my blog, newsletter, and social media, because my reader will want to hear about the new merch coming and even help contribute to creating some.


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