Writing Break w/a Personal Essay: The first thing I remember writing #motownwriters #bloggingchallenge

The first thing I remember writing was a Viking romance.

I know that sounds silly, but I’d just finished Secret fire by Johanna Lindsay and some other crazy Katherine Woodiwiss novel that had me very confident I could write one.

I had to be about thirteen or fourteen and didn’t know a darn thing about romance, but I’d read enough novels to think I could.

I remember it was about a captive woman pretending to be a man and her Lordship finding out.

I don’t remember how it ended, but I do remember the cheap school journal I wrote it in.

Throughout the story, I felt uncomfortable because as I know now, I wasn’t actually seeing MYSELF in the book. I was writing something else.

Just a story.

Nothing I was bound to or really passionate about.

I’m still a historical romance fanatic.

As I grew up and got ahold of Beverly Jenkins, I knew where I had to be in terms of what I wanted to write.

In my lane. A lane that I know.


I could only write what I know and I knew that.

Now I do mix a little suspense, a tiny bit of exoticness and a whole lot of contemporary romance to my mix, but that’s just what I know.

I do hope you as readers like what I write! Because I really love what I’m writing and I’ve found out through my life and literary journeys, that’s how I can bring a good book to life.

Currently writing Ravenous but you can pick up my current published book Beautiful, wherever books are sold

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