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Reader question: Can’t download your books from @Amazon. Help! #FAQ #Smashwords #SonyReader


Every once in a while I get interesting questions from readers that I know others have so I do answer them and send them back but I also make a blog post out of it.

Need help, have Sony reader, can’t download from Amazon. Help please. .”

Sony Reader

Amazon does roll me a lot of checks so I love giving them content, but I also make my content friendly for most of my books.

Hence, I use Smashwords, which not only has the work but distributes out to other bookstores, including Barnes and Nobles and if I apply an ISBN iBooks and Kobo.

Yet, if you open up an account on Smashwords, sometimes you’ll also get some treats, such as

Unfortunately, books that are exclusively available on Amazon are

The asterisk * by Dreams of Reality means the book is in paperback and you can purchase it. I will most likely put Wrongly His as well in paperback and have that available too so people who can’t get the e-book can just buy the paperback.

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