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Did you read Boom! Boom! Boom!? Want to finish? Get the continuation inside of #ConSensual #amreading #newread

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Always wanted to know what happened to the one night stand in Boom! Boom! Boom!?

Now you can enjoy the rest of the story in ConSensual now available inside of the Detroit anthology Sticky Secrets.

Sticky Secrets by E. Scrill, Kaylynn Hunt and Sylvia Hubbard

You’ll also get two other Detroit author stories for a great price.

So pick up your copy of Sticky Secrets where you can get 3 authors, 3 stories for only $3.33. Click here to purchase.

or If you just want to read ConSensual

About book:

Sequel to Short Story: Boom! Boom! Boom!
An erotic tale of a woman’s one hot nightstand that she will never forget!

Length: 44 pages

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