Found an Author Tech Helper. It’s called @Canva… #InnocentVengeance #FreeRead

For Tech Thursday, I wanted to commend on being a great helper in upping my graphic game.

For my new novel Innocent Vengeance, I’ve dived deep in the Canva Vault to find unique designs because I didn’t want my ads to start looking like all the others. I know everyone is jumping on the Canva bandwagon so a lot of times when I’m scrolling down my Facebook feed I see Canva here and Canva there.

I don’t knock other others for just being happy with the regular template. But I wanted more.

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I found if I took elements from their paid ones and used them in my own ads I was able to make unique designs that would stand out, create feelings for the work (my books) and look really nice (like a professional touched these)

Ta dah!

You talk about some really great ads popping out I could put on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that would definitely stand out.

Here’s the first one:

This one was simple and sweet. I could stick with the color scheme of the book and pull this one off.

It was great, but I wanted one that would definitely generate an emotion, so I went with this one.

It’s just something magical and mysterious when you add black and white to the cover.

Words especially mean a lot and I took the design to the next level by also pushing on alterations to draw attention to the words but easing the viewer into a great design:

Note to authors: Keeping the original pic of the book cover so you can play with the image was real important to me and should be to you.

With that I can take whatever element from the book cover and do whatever I want without the words on the book cover getting in my way.

A lot of these ads wouldn’t have worked if I had just used the book cover, but with just using the picture I was not confined in the design.

BTW, I originally got the cover from and I think she did a pretty good job! Thank you.

Tell me which ad do you like the best?

And if you haven’t checked out Innocent Vengeance as of yet, please click this link now and start reading for free.


Thanks so much for the support and please feel free to share.

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