Innocent Vengeance Coming Soon | Book Cover Now Available

My #ShortStoryChallenge for June is coming soon and I know you just want to get your eyes on it.

But first I needed a cover.

Off to I trot and viola!

Cover done.

Let me know how you like it.

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3 thoughts on “Innocent Vengeance Coming Soon | Book Cover Now Available

  1. Hello sylvia hubbard I must I am very disappointed , I love all your books that I I have had access to buy but now your doing this love streaming sure others love it but you have so many books that you have left unfinished and your constantly writing new ones then leave us on edge for the continuation that doesn’t come!! Am I frustrated yes ! Because am still waiting for stealing innocence 3, and emperor 2, and let’s not forget betrayed you left the off at book 5, then you gave us a taste of wrongly his and I haven’t herd anything else of it.. I like having my books on my tablet so I can read … sure many might love the live reading but I want to purchase my book and read I also would like to know how the others with end? Hopefully before I die and leave this world ! !!
    Please your disparate and disappointed fan!!

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