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#TechThursday: Doing an @Amazon #Giveaway to increase book sales, followings and rank.

For February I did an Amazon Giveaway.

Unlike a book giveaway, I decided to help my readers get to me and giveaway a Kindle Fire

Now you’d think this was expensive, but usually, authors are giving away $25 to $50 dollars give cards. Well, Amazon was selling the Kindle Fire for $39.99.

I figured this wasn’t a bad thing to be a part of and I might do it again, just get more people to follow me and increase my rank on Amazon

So if you don’t know what an Amazon giveaway is. Here’s the short end of the stick…

You can usually find if an item is available for a giveaway by scrolling all the way down on the item’s page and it will let you know.

I love it because Amazon takes care of all the work. You just choose the item, pay for it and then let them know how long you want the giveaway.

You can opt to have them:

  1. Follow you on Amazon (this increases your rank).
  2. Follow you on Twitter
  3. Tweet out a message
  4. Watch a video on Amazon
  5. Watch a youtube video

I choose number 3. Why? Well, I decided this time I wanted to work on an organic following on Twitter and increase my followers without just yelling follow me.

I set up the summary so when people tweeted it said this:


When I started this campaign, I was at about 11.3K followers. At the end of this campaign, I’m nearing 11.5K. I know that’s not a lot to you, but since it was organic, it means a lot to me.

I liked how my tweets looked like the Oprah of Kindle Fire’s. “You get a Kindle Fire!” LOL

For books, I would suggest three days, but for large ticket items like an Amazon Kindle Fire, I would go back with the 5 to 7 days.

As a plus, Amazon even lets you do this again exactly as you had it with a copy this giveaway function. Here are my results.

They took out an extra $15 for shipping, but then refunded me $9 after the winner claimed the prize.

And I loved the increase in Twitter followers.

Plus, people clicked into my website from Twitter a lot from this campaign. And I saw an increase in book sales during this time. Now I was running another free book campaign during this stage, but I believe this helped more readers know who I am.

I’ll be doing this again maybe in September or when that price drops again on that Kindle.

You can find out more about Amazon Giveaways and even more details by checking out this article

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