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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Oh good lawd, I thought this had been posting out. I was so caught up on everything for the New Year, I forgot to check on the story. all of them were in draft after Chapter 14.

Tobias could barely focus on the update. Before getting out the car with Paul he clearly stated not to mention a word of anything about the daughter to the lieutenant. “One leak of her name will be hell on wheels for our investigation.”

Paul only nodded but Tobias knew his partner was still skeptical.

“If it makes you feel better, I’ll go and check out her story just a little further. I’ll see if anyone saw her leave and if there is no validity in her story, I’ll clue you in,” Tobias said.

This made his partner relax, but only a little.

Making sure Paul didn’t spill the beans about Regina Cody was important as Tobias began to formulate a plan to have her again… Very soon.


It was a dark and stormy night…

That’s what her thoughts were saying repeatedly as they left the police station and headed home. She needed just anything silly to keep her frustrations at bay.

The rain pelted hard on the vehicle kept her thoughts distracted from the frustration she had just endured.

Juanita tried to placate her. “The detective said there could be something in there… possibly.”

Regina was realizing slowly her mother had a hidden agenda. Convincing her daughter to confess had not only been her only objective. For the first time, in her life, Regina didn’t trust her mother. “I think he was just saying that to make you feel good Mom. You know, because of who you are.”

“No, he sounded really excited about the possibility you could have encountered the man who is out there terrorizing the citizens of the city.”

When the car pulled up to Regina’s home, she was really glad to get away from her mother. Grabbing the photo album and her purse, she kissed her mother’s cheek quickly and jumped out of the vehicle to run into the house, glad the rain gave her an excuse not to dawdle at the car and listen to her mother.

Her phone chimed alerting her of a text. It was her mother.

‘I’ll call you tonight.’

Regina quickly texted back. ‘I’m going to bed early. I’ll call you tomorrow, Mom. I love you.’

Putting the album down by her door along with her keys, she practically stripped out her clothes on the way to her bedroom. She didn’t bother to turn on any lights even though it was nearing dusk. The need to take a shower and clear her thoughts was the only thing she tried to concentrate on.

Today had been horrible on Regina. The confessions, the humiliation and the frustration was just too much for her.

The really awful part about everything was that she still desired to be with the stranger.

Her lust was one confession she would not admit to anyone. She barely wanted to admit her desire for the stranger to herself.

Once out of the shower, Regina laid down trying to ignore the fact she’d rather jump in her car and drive up and down the street looking for that black van again. Her wanton had turned into some need on the borderline of addiction.

Closing her eyes tight, she prayed for sleep to come fast.


Two hours later, Tobias was three houses away looking at her home. Standing on the side of an abandoned home, he watched her house for any lights to come on. He’d brought his cigarettes to pass the time, but oddly had no desire to smoke them.

Her vehicle was in the driveway – the right one that she had been driving that night they’d made love in his van.

After his meeting with the Lieutenant, once he got to this vehicle, Henry called.

“I finally got the tox screen from the state. There was some strange smell in her mouth when I got her back to the lab and I sent that in.”

“So? Was she on drugs? Was that why there were no defensive marks?”

“No drugs, but the smell came from dandelions.”

Confused, Tobias asked, “Why is that significant Henry?”

“I decided to do a little research of my own and found out another victim had dandelion root in her stomach. I need you to go to the other victims home and find out if they were drinking dandelion tea.”

This was the first time all the victims except in looks had been connected.

“I can do that tomorrow. Thanks Henry. Thanks so much! I’ll call you and let you know.”

This was a sign he was getting close and he needed relief. He needed her.

Hence, he parked at her corner but after a while just wanted to get a little closer and decided to walk down. He called the local precinct to get updated of any homes on special attention. Her house was and her neighbor’s house was also on the list, but only because he was a retired officer.

The precinct desk officer actually had worked with Tobias years ago just out the academy.

“Yeah, That’s old Sarge Barker’s home,” the officer said. “Retired shortly after taking down a guy on a big case.”


“Yeah, you remember right when we were getting out the academy on the southwest side all those black women were getting shanked. The things he did to those hookers was unspeakable.”

Tobias could barely remember that crime because there had been so many others. “I barely remember.”

“Well, this Sarge caught them and just decided to retire early with some weird florist lady. Later on, they started a little business together and made a lot of money from it. Can’t remember what it was… some flower shit you eat.”

Tobias just really wanted to get off the phone with the over talking police officer. “Okay, I’m in the area checking on some things. I just wanted to let your scouts know.”

The officer caught Tobias’s drift and ended the conversation.

Tobias knew he had to be extra careful spying her.

He didn’t want twenty police cars barreling down on him while he was trying to get his sex on because of some overzealous retired cop trying to get back to his glory days of saving people. Retiring early either meant sickness or forced.

Narrowing his eyes he saw movement on the side of her home. Someone was there looking in her windows.

Removing the latch on his holster, he approached slowly and very quietly.

A man about Tobias’s height was looking in Regina’s windows.

“Isn’t that illegal,” Tobias sneered, flashing his badge.

The tall dark shadow was startled and bolted.

Tobias gave chase into Regina’s back yard but just as he was about to tackle the suspect, the shadow leaped over a nine foot back fence like it was nothing.

Cursing Tobias wasn’t about to kill himself and try.

Going over to the window to see what the suspect was looking at, he saw an empty bed. Had Regina been just sleeping there? Moving to her front door, he saw the door was barely closed.

This had to be a sign. An invitation.

His intentions was to put her mind at ease.


Regina heard talking on the side of her home and ran to the kitchen to look out. No one was there. She thought she heard something in her backyard. Going to her bedroom again to look out the window, all she saw was the Barker’s greenhouse lights on. Were they both in there or just Ms. Barker?

Donning just a silk robe, she hadn’t bothered to get dress after her shower and had pretty much laid naked on her bed until the noise awoke her.

The rain had let up only a little to where it was lightly sprinkling everywhere.

She thought she now heard a noise by her front door.

Maybe she was going crazy.

Entering her living room, she gasped to see her front door wide open and her keys just lying by the door.

How could she be so careless?

Hurrying to close the door, she looked around and didn’t see her purse or valuables had been touched.

Sighing in relief, she decided to get something to drink to calm her nerves and just go back to bed.

Going into the kitchen, she still didn’t bother to turn on the lights.

A noise behind her and she turned abruptly. Someone covered her face with their large hand and pulled her body hard against their wet body.

Dear Lawd! She was going to die!

Someone had come in the house, but not to steal her valuables! They’d come to kill her!

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  1. why didn’t Tobias inquire about what the former officer grows? I’m almost positive the answer would be dandelions.

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