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#SylLit Article: How do I do it? (writing) cc: @problogger #amwriting #amblogging

Sidenote: I’d like to thank @Problogger for this awesome blogger prompt to get me going! 

After over forty suspense romance stories, I can really talk about how I write. In the past, I didn’t analyze what I did, I just did it. I was scared to explore the “majic.”

Yet now as I progress to writing more and more, I’ve come up with HOW I WRITE.

I come with a scenario. In my everyday life observe people and situations.
I take personality or flaws and incorporate them with the scenarios.

Odd scenario plus Flaw-filled & interesting protagonists equals Romantically suspenseful story.

I try to be a simple as possible making the reader a promise of:

1. We’ll figure out this odd scenario together
2. HEA
3. Not what you expect

With these key ingredients in the equation, I can produce a literary work my readers will sure to enjoy, but never figure out until the very… last… page.

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