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Path Three – Bar – Accept #cyos

chooseyourownadventureYou accept his offer and let Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome buy you a drink.

He asks you to dance. His hand his soft and warm as he guides you out on the dance floor under sprinkling gaudy Christmas lights, but as he presses his body against yours and you rest your head on his shoulder, you can feel yourself exhaling. He smells so good, he feels so good and you look up in those deep eyes of his.

Yes, you let him kiss you and damn if you almost come.

Things get hot and heavy on the dance floor.

He entices you with two offers.”Let’s finish this in the private bathroom or I could entice you to a room tonight?”

Do you:

1 Take you to the bathroom and finish your “dance” 

2. Get an Uber to the Red Roof Inn 

3. Refuse both offers and call a cab to take you home. 

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