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Concert – Path Nine #cyos


And she has front row seats. You’re practically on the stage as you listen to a tall, dark chocolate saxophonist impressing the crowd with his musical talents while musically arousing you and other women with his magical saxophone skills.

He gives you direct eye contact and even winks at you with the most sensuous almond brown eyes.

Your heart is in a flurry.

At the end of the concert as the crowd erupts in applause from the awesome performance, security comes over to your table and hands you and your BFF backstage passes.

After screaming excitedly, you freshen up in the bathroom and join the VIP party backstage.

It’s crowded, but you and BFF make it to the free bar and ordered drinks.

An old guy friend talks up your BFF time, and you’re feeling like a third wheel until someone hands you another drink. Looking up, you see the lead saxophonist smiling down at you.

Gushing, you pretend to play it cool as you take the drink.

He asks:


  1. Would you like to go someplace quieter?


  1. Would you like to stay here?

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