Author Tuesday Tips: Write faster, Pub a short, Instagram hashtags & Promo Items @Discountmugscom

Practical advice for authors who are looking to market their books

Write Faster, Publish a Short, Instagram Hashtags & @Discountmugscom

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Writing: To write a book faster become the plotter by day, pantser by night. When you have free moments throughout the day and can’t sit down and write, try to plot out your book. What the next scene will be? What will the characters say? By the time you sit down, even if you are a freelance kind of writer, you’ll be able to guide yourself quickly into your work instead of waiting for inspiration to hit you. You’re still pantsing but on a mission.

Publishing: Got a short story? But you don’t want to use a lot of financial means to get it published? Get an editor and a cover designer on You can publish the book in well worth the time, make a little money on the side as an ebook so support the larger book you want to publish. Check reviews of the fiverr person and if you feel comfortable, use them. It’s just $5 dollars! Tip: for the cover designer, use a mock  up of what you’d like the cover to look like.

Marketing: Good instagram hashtags for writers: #Bookish, #authorsofinstagram, #writingcommunity.

Promotion: Want promo items for readers and your street team. Awesome quality – especially on pens. (And make sure you get the ones with stylus’s on them. #21CenturyAuthor)

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