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#Author Tuesday Tips: Use Social Media Management Tools! #ammarketing



I hear so many authors who say, “Oh I have Hootsuite, but I don’t use it!” And then are frustrated with social media, keeping up with the content they have to put out and NEVER HAVING ENOUGH TIME.

Use time management software to give yourself the time you need to manage your writing life. In Hootsuite and Buffer, you can auto schedule or manual schedule posts. You can also RSS your website’s content as well.

I have a lot of general content that I love to remind people about at least on a monthly basis. Content that over the years is still relevant and I want readers and writers to continue to keep in mind.

Ideas to help you use time management software to send those reminders:

Most are less than $10 a month, but the cost makes up for the time you’ve wasted on not marketing to your social media. It’s vital to your branding and author platform.

Most times schedule posts takes less than 10 minutes a day or 30 minutes a week.

What are you afraid of? You’ll break it the internet? If you do, you’ll become famous, so just try! You’ll learn and do better and be able to use social media management tools effectively.

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