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Beautiful: Author’s Notes… #AuthorChats… A visual into my mind… Come take a look #AuthorsLifeMonth #BloggedBook #LiveStoryTelling

beautifulEntangle(This is posted inside Chapter 29 of Beautiful. If you haven’t received your password, please comment below. I got an influx of requests over the weekend for this years subscriptions. Thanks for your support to my literary endeavors!)

I took a much needed vacation and I was going to tell you, but I was irresponsible and just fell into the weekend without any thoughts of anything else.

It didn’t help that I was also working a 7 day stretch without a break and was forced to work eight extra hours one of those days.

But I’m not going to “mitch” about that.

I’m going to recoup and then come back strong. 

I did think about the story a lot. I also got to find a great picture of the greenhouse. I don;t know if I showed you guys. I wanted to share it.

I wanted you to get an idea of the greenhouse, because it comes heavily into play later on in the story. I’d love to build a greenhouse, but I’m never good at growing things. I dont’ know how I was so blessed to have great children, but I have to say they’re about the only things I’ve “grown” wonderfully.

Now let’s see how I can grow my writing career better.

Oh by the way, I’m thinking of starting author chats on Facebook. a personal book club where readers can ask me questions. I’m going to go in order of the books I published. I”d love to know if you’re interested in joining me live for the book club. 

It’ll take place on my Facebook page http;// (Like now for advance notification).  I’d love to sign up a reader moderator for each story. So we’d start in June with Dreams of Reality. 

Let me know if you like the book club idea and if you’re interested in moderating. You can moderate as many times as you want. 


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