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Author’s Note:

So here we are.

Getting to the Entangled part of Beautiful. I think I will release this in 2017 as an ebook. Two parts though. One for 1.99 and the other for 2.99. What do you guys think?

I need a cigarette. Jamar’s wearing me out….



Three hours later, there was a knock on her door. She pulled the door open to see Jamar standing there with a large bag from a restaurant and some grocery bags as well. He leaned over before saying anything and kissed her.

Still dressed in his work clothes, he placed the bags on the small table and then went back out to the car.

His second trip he brought in a cooler w/ice inside, a small tray and a microwave.

Inside the bags were items she could make sandwiches and cereal. The cooler was needed for the milk he brought.

“You can get more ice down the hall at the ice machine. There’s one on every level. Just go during the day and not in the middle of the night,” he warned.

“I promise to be safe,” she said, touched by his concern. “But I can’t pay you back for all of this.”

“It’s fine,” he said as if it were no big deal.

“Can I ask you a question, Jamar?”

“Anything, Madison.”

“How… well, why were you on the back of the house today?”

Without hesitation, he answered, “I got worried when you didn’t show up at the bus stop this morning and when I got off of work, I decided to go to my brother’s house to wait for you. When you didn’t show up there, I sat at your corner. I saw your father leave, and then I saw you arrive, but you didn’t come the same way your bus would have brought you so I walked down there to see if it were you. I heard you behind the house and followed you back there. I’m glad it was you and not one of your evil siblings as you’ve told me about. Or worse your step mother or father.”

She accepted that answer because there was really nothing else to believe. He’d been honest with her up to this point and she trusted him.

“Mind if I take a shower?” he asked.

“Go ahead. You don’t need to ask.”

He stole another kiss from her and then she watched as he went into the bathroom. He didn’t bother to shut the door, nor did he seem to mind she sat on the bed and watched him. His lean muscular body was flawless to her and her hands itched to touch him.

Remembering what she was supposed to be doing with him, she went to her bag and put specimen cups on the side of the bed table.

Jamar stripped down to his birthday suit and turned on the shower.

She still didn’t stop watching him mesmerized as he leathered soap all over his body from head to toe. His short cut groomed head even got a scrubbing before he got out of the shower.

The towel barely went around his waist.

“I’ll bring more suitable towel tomorrow,” he promised coming out of the bathroom.

“Do you work out?” she blurted out visually caressing his body.

He flushed. “I pick up a lot of boxes and a lot of heavy items. I make sure I lift with my knees. Once I don’t have to work so hard at the job, I might join a gym.”

He’d brought a gym bag from his car on his first trip up and dropped it by the table where he’d left the large bag of hot food. The towel dropped and so did her mouth. She had to force herself to look away as he grabbed a tshirt and some shorts.

“I-I could turn up the heat,” she offered, but from what she saw between his legs, he looked far from cold.

“I’m good, Madison,” he said casually.

Embarrassed she was acting like a teenager, she stated, “You shouldn’t have done all this for me, Jamar.”

“Why?” he asked turning her around.

He’d already taken out the warm food from the bag and was setting it out so they could eat.

She went over to the table to give her some distance from him, by emptying out the other food bags.

Along with the milk, there was bread, apples sandwich products, cans of soups and gumbo, plus small dinners she could put in the microwave. He had even bought cutlery, bowls, cups and plates, along with an extra milk jug and a large bottle of apple juice.

Continuing to voice her complaint, she said, “Because I don’t know how long I’m staying here… with you. Remember this is just an arrangement.”

Tightly, he asked, “You aren’t planning on going back to that place you call family.”

“He’s my father,” she defended out of instincts.

“I don’t care if that man was Jesus. He treated you bad. He hurt you,” Jamar protested. “I need to be dragging you down to the precinct to file charges against him.”

The embarrassment her father would suffer would be horrendous.

“I couldn’t,” she said. “But I can’t afford to live here.”

“You make enough a week from my brother to stay here and handle any expenses. I know the owner of this hotel. I’ve got you a monthly deal as long as you leave the place as you found it when you decide not to come back. I’ll help you however I can and you’ll be fine. I said I’m your friend Madison. Not just some specimen. I can’t let you go back to be beaten half to death.”

A chill ran through her body because Jamar seemed to know her father too well.

“Why are you so nice to me?” she questioned.

“You look like you need a friend,” he said and leaned over to kiss her.

This time, this kiss was longer and nicer. She moved her arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. He moved their bodies towards the bed, until the back of her knees touched the bed.

Jamar laid down on top of her, exploring her mouth like he wanted to taste every drop of her.

This was it, she said to herself. This was where she was going all the way!

His hands moved under her shirt and both of them moaned as he palmed her breasts. Her nipples were hard as rock and overly sensitive, but he was amazingly gentle as he massaged them all the while continuing his exploratory kiss that was blowing her mind.

His other hand took her hand and moved her palm down to his shorts. He wasn’t firmly hard, although he felt like he was very excited.

It wasn’t until she firmly gripped him, his stiffness grew completely. Her confidence took over and she knew what it took to excite him.

His mouth left hers and descended down to her breasts.

Her vision blurred, her body buckled and her skin tingled hard as his mouth manipulated her nipples going from one to another to give them equal attention. She barely could concentrate on exciting him as he took her body to another level. If he could do this without even gaining entry, she knew she would explode once they really got down to the real deal.

And Madison wanted the real deal. She wanted him to be her first. His mouth continued to titillate her as she progress to manipulate him to become harder.

His hands ventured down into her shorts and moved between her legs.

The double bliss from his hands and his mouth took her whole senses on a level she never thought was possible.

“Damn, woman, you’re so wet,” he whispered. “Gawd, you’re fucking coming on my finger, Madison, just like he said…” He didn’t finish that sentence as he finished her off.

She wanted to stick with that thought, but she was coming. Her juices were running down the crevice of her butt cheeks, vibrating under him and holding him close, never wanting to let him go.

Wetness exploded from her. She was embarrassed and happy at the same time.

Blushing, she pushed his shoulders down on the bed until she was moving over him. He put his fingers, coated in her wetness down his throat and sucked her juices clean from his fingers. Damn if that didn’t turn her on more.

He helped her get rid of his shorts as she maneuvered over him until she could fully be able to taste him, turning her body so he could taste her. Her tongue was able to venture everywhere on his lower body freely. He laid back and let her take her time. The male anatomy was not alien to her eyes and the fact he allowed her to explore him made her grateful for this opportunity.

His moans and groans told her, she was answering his sexual prayers. Soon his hands and mouth started to explore her too, pushing off her shorts and pulled her thighs into his face.

Trying to concentrate on him, while he also orally pleased her was very difficult, but she was determine to give as good as he gave. Slipping him deep down her throat, she blew out a breath so she wouldn’t choke and continuously repeated her actions loving the feel of his shaft in her mouth.

His hips bucked helping her take more and more of him in her mouth, building the sensation knowing he was getting close to coming. She herself was getting ready to explode as well. His whole face was buried between her legs and his mouth was dripping trying to catch her juices.

The look of europia was all over his face. “Uh… Mad.. wait… I’m…”

She reached over quickly and grabbed a cup just as he exploded. She captured all of him and smiled happily seeing how he almost filled the entire cup.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh..uuuugggggghhh,” he mumbled lost in ecstasy.

Madison licked her lips and then kissed the tip of him in appreciation. She put the cup back on the night stand, just as he was recovering himself. He was now determined to finish her off as he returned to bury his face between her legs. His mouth was everywhere and his fingers were also including pushing deep behind her at the same time titillating her clitoris, while his other fingers quivered inside her vagina. The double sensation made her eyes feel like they were about to pop out of her head, but at the same time, she also thought her chest and heart were about to explode.

Before the orgasm finished, he was pushing her back on the bed pulling her shirt off her body. All the rest of his clothes had long disappeared.

Jamar eyed between her legs like he hadn’t eaten in years and she knew he was not through orally pleasing her body.

She shivered in fear and pleasure at the same time. She wanted this. She wanted him.

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