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After I attended Romance Slam Jam, I heard this question a lot and was fascinated at how writers constantly had their own process.

I myself never thought I had one.

I have 2 characters.

Find something horrible and something strange and then I go to work on the story by answering the question “What if?”

Dreams of reality, my first novel had the premise of What if side effects were much more and the doctor was using a lot of women, including the female protagonist for experimental mind control experiments?

Next came Stone’s Revenge where I asked what if there was a son of a serial killer? Does the apple fall far from the tree?

I believe that was the most dramatic of all books that I created where I delved deep into the evil tree.

Stealing innocence asked what if a man was raped in the 21st century.

So you see where I’m going with this.

All my life I’ve challenged the what if and it reflects so well in my stories. You aren’t going to get a simple romance or something quick and dirty.

My stories are complicated and filled with pushing the boundaries, but I’m not an outliner. The last book I outlined was Sin’s Iniquity. This was done only because there was a complicated timeline- seriously complicated.

Yet, of course, since I write HEAs, it works out in the end.

Currently, I’m writing Beautiful. What if a woman who is trying to find the secret to being beautiful and in order to get the one ingredient, she is willing to do anything for a man who has what she needs?

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After over 35 books I still never really outline. I write in large chunks and drawn out paragraphs. I see the scene in my head and know I need to write a story around that. It’s the driving force in the story and I know I must get to it. But I’ve never been one to sit and know what plot point is next.

Now don’t get me wrong I do know them. I’m also says aware of the hero’s journey.

But outlining…ugh…no I’m a true pantser. I put my butt in a chair and shoot of like a rocket. It’s scary because I don’t know where I’ll end up, but that journey is such an adventure.

Thanks for riding the adventure with me since 2000 and if you’re new here, I hope you continue the journey for years to come!

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