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Reading AND writing is fundamental for an author… are you kidding me? Fans want you!

I nevah gripe about anything except every two years, I have these outbursts of are you kidding me.

I’ve seen an influx of people publishing books lately and I’m amazed at how much they don’t know how to do things. They have the money and they threw money at creating a great book and a fabulous website, but when they come to me after the new book sales go down and I say, okay, let’s set up a mailing list or let’s blog, they say, well I don’t know how to access my page or I don’t know how to make changes to things.


And then they look at me like I’m supposed to do it.

I’m a consultant, not a do it your way when you pay me.

I will tell you how to do it.

The only way you are going to get ahead in this world is to do things yourself or at least learn how to do them.


I’m not saying become some super hero or heroine who knows how to do everything, but at least know how to do somethings.

Some things your fans actually would like YOU to do.

That’s why your book sales are low because you aren’t doing things yourself. Fans want you! So you’re going to have to park your butt in a chair and write a blog, post a newsletter, REPLY TO A COMMENT, get the word out yourself about what you are doing.

There’s no other way.

You’re also going to have to listen to a podcast or watch a video about learning how to blog and do a newsletter and connect with your fans.


Then start doing it.

That’s my gripe for today. I might wait another two years or next week to say something else. I’m done for now.

Going back to writing.

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