#TechThursday: To My writing friends, what is the BIGGEST challenge you struggle with on your website?



Tech Thursday is a way for me to help my writer friends with a lot of problems they have, with what I know.

Now I’m not professing I know everything, but I do know a little something about a lot of stuff.

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Stephanie SpitFire-Librarian Fazekas-Hardy Deciding which website to start for my many personas and ventures.

Sylvia Hubbard
Sylvia Hubbard i think wordpress would be your best option due to the SEO and professionalism, plus the back end maintenance of the site.

Sylvia Hubbard
Sylvia Hubbard I like the ease of use. I only have two of my sites at different locations. the Michigan Literary News sites feeds to over 12 channels that i’m apart of including my social network, but it’s on blogspot. I hate the interface and the archaic structure. LoveABlack.com is set up on Tumblr.com. It was easier posting on the go too keep it live

Stephanie SpitFire-Librarian Fazekas-Hardy

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